Friday, January 22, 2010

the future of Venezuela?!...

There are times in life when it is very easy to get discouraged. External circumstances can have deep impact on our life if our internal combustion isn't ablaze for Christ.

Those who gather around them material things, are constantly seeking something new. Each acquisition brings with it the hope of fulfillment. The payoff is perpetual short term relief, followed quickly by multiplied emptiness... until the heart begins to beat for something else.

Others focus less on the material, but invest in job, hobby or relationship(s).

The end result is ridiculously familiar, and yet the pursuit remains intense.

What foolishness is this?

As Christians, why do we expend so much energy in the direction we know in advance will not bring peace or satisfaction?

There is an inner thirst which will never be slaked by increased possessions, greater power, or additional relational experience. Yet we have boundless energy to pursue what cannot satisfy, and have none for what will actually quell the inner discontent.

As spiritual beings, we must satiate our appetites with Him. The pursuit of Him, the worship of Him, and surrender to Him are the only methods which will stave the gnawing ache.

Consistently we seem to pursue that which only brings deeper drought.

The mature believer can fall prey to this folly just like the infant.

The enemy renews the attack against us by pursuing with that which is innocent, until we embrace it and make it an object of lust.

Slowly we imbibe. The drunk does not realize he's stumbled until on his face in failure.

This does not have to remain.

Brokenness begets beginning... restoration, when bathed in His stain.

He is all that is needed. He is the atonement afforded. His sacrifice is complete.

We must return to our first love.

The color in life is produced by choice. The brilliance of life is discovered through choosing to put Him first.



At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, IN

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Dear Church said...

Just wanted to say that I still check this blog a few times a week and am blessed and encouraged by it. Thank you for continuing to write.

Love and prayers,
B. DiSalvo

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Cedarburg Tina said...

HI Brent

My Bible study group just finished a Kay Arthur precept study on Hosea and it's sooooo similar to what you said here. God is so much greater than we can possibly fathom and so forgiving then we could ever be, all He desires is for us to let go of ourselves and turn to Him for it all. Easier said than done in this world which is so focused on me, me, me and stuff, stuff, stuff!

I find myself wishing that we had learned from the Israelites of years gone by yet it seems as if we keep repeating the same mistakes, turning to idols of our own creation, trying to push God out of everything in our world and turning to lusts of our eyes and of this world. How God's heart must break over and over.

And then something like Haiti happens and you see good come out, people thinking of others besides themselves, giving their time and talents to a people far away and sharing Christ's love if not in words then through actions and I think how God's heart must rejoice, even if for a brief moment, that His people have hope.

Thanks for continuing to share. I have passed my "To Die For You" book on to 2 others now and am waiting to get it back so I can give it to our Youth Ministry Leaders.

blessings to you and Deanna on your wedding anniversary (belated I know!)


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Needed this today. Thank you.


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