Monday, February 01, 2010

I went hunting, yesterday... with a camera! Wild "tom" turkeys.

I begin my travels for the week, tomorrow morning. It will be a busy week as I have the privilege of preaching eight times in five days!

My laptop died this past weekend, so this will likely be my only update.

What a privilege it was to hike yesterday, in the seven inches of snow that fell late last week. The snow sat atop limbs encased in ice, so everything shone with extra brilliance.

I saw evidence of much wildlife. It's hard to hide in fresh snowfall. I saw the tracks of fox, raccoon, rabbit, turkey, etc. I found the fox den. I spotted many birds, including the six or seven "toms" that were strutting at the woods edge (see pic above). I saw patted down lanes from heavy use by a family of raccoons. Those lanes were no longer white, but had turned a yellowish brown from extreme use.

It's funny how the tracks of tom turkeys change when they are in strut mode. In 7 inches of snow, instead of just foot prints, there are wing tip (no, not the shoes, that would just be silly) prints as well. You can actually count the rear feathers when they initially spread, by the imprint in the snow. Crazy!

I wonder how often we are aware of the "imprint" we leave?

My memory is not what it used to be. I find myself too often, grasping for names or faces, when I am approached electronically or personally. I simply do not remember everyone I should.

I get messages from people that leave me wondering, 'who is this person and where did I meet them?' If they don't tell me, and if their picture (say on facebook) doesn't clue me in, then I am in trouble. I adopt the 12 step program attitude of "fake it till you make it."

Sometimes it comes back to me, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, I am left wondering, 'how did I impact their life?' I am curious, was it a positive or negative experience?

It's kind of like when people call you on the phone and you know you are supposed to know who they are, and they may even sound familiar, but you cannot place them... except, sometimes I still don't know who they are after I learn their name... not good.

I am confessing this not because I don't care, but in case I am having a conversation with you, and I seem to be keeping things beyond the perimeter of intimacy, it just might be because a new phase of "senioritis" has set in.

I know there have been times when I have been 'strutting like a turkey,' and acting fool. My hope and my prayer is that this it not how I am remembered.

I want to be known for having cared and desiring to see the love of my Savior poured into the life of each and every person I encounter. "Do I really live that way?" is the question.

Am I allowing His love to be manifested in such a way that others sense His presence during and after the encounter?

That is the "track" I would like to leave on others lives.

I'd prefer they not be counting my flaws as I extend myself into full strut.

I can only accomplish this as I allow Him to be the Lord of my life. When I drive, I may get there quicker, but without His intended results.

I will always make mistakes. I cannot keep others from remembering my foolishness. I must however, seek to put Him first in every way, so that others see Jesus, not brent.



At 4:35 PM, Blogger miranda said...

Hi Brent, I recently heard you speak for the middle and high school students at First Baptist Indian Rocks. I was introduced to you by Kristine D... its okay if you don't remember. I recently finished reading I Would Die For You and absolutley LOVED it. BJ was definitley a great kid.


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