Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jared and Whitney

So much has been happening, I find my head spinning. Lauren got engaged, other family have experienced brokenness in their relationship, and things at the office have been upside down.

Through it all, the Lord remains incredibly faithful! I am so thankful for this. He just never changes, even though I do. He is constant and consistent, though I am not. He loves no matter what. He encourages us to love each other similarly.

We don't always do so well at that. Sometimes, I am too quick to judge.

He has shown me favor and direction when it looked like nothing loomed but disappointment (in certain arenas). I am just so incredibly blessed to be in relationship with one so Mighty! I love the intangible ways He speaks.

I do not know how others survive, who deny His existence.

Recently, He answered prayer in such unique ways that I am so blessed! I may share it at some point, but I just continue to marvel at His ways!

I pray He is working similarly, in your life!



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