Thursday, April 08, 2010

Making lunch with my friend Steve in the Kuna village, Icandi in Panama

I had the privilege of interacting with three different youth pastors in three separate conversations, today. None of them were expected. None of them did I initiate.

Two of the three centered, directly or indirectly, around the impact pornography is having in the lives of believers.

One of them was telling me how anointed a meeting he had with the young men in his youth group. They were getting real with each other over the issue of pornography. The trickle-down affect was huge. As one shared, others felt free to follow.

I can remember a very popular television show back in the 80's and 90's (before most of these young men were born) helping turn our culture into a porn friendly nation. It was one of the first that frequently talked of regular viewing of the same.

Of course, it began long before then, but I have watched our culture surrender to the bondage of this intoxicating addiction. It has destroyed minister after minister and unglued many marriages. It has destroyed many families both inside the church and outside of it.

When I was young, I remember a classmate coming to school frequently, with picture pages from 'men's magazines' that he would sell to other classmates.

I remember before that, seeing it for the very first time, down the street in a friends garage, as we played 'hide and seek.' I was too young to understand why such pictures would even exist, or that men and women even had different bodies. However, I will never forget viewing it. I remember how filthy I felt, even as an innocent child.

Today, the enemy is destroying lives as men and women succumb to the allure of making a couple of keystrokes and finding themselves in a world, they never thought they would visit... let alone become addicted to.

The result?

"They exchanged the truth of God for a lie... [and] Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts." Romans 1:25-26

Over time, men and women accept as "normal" that which is vile in the presence of our Holy God.

Desensitization brings about false expectation. When these are not met, shredded lives result.

Many divorces have resulted from one partner (or both) secretly falling into this lair.

There is healing. There is a Healer.

We cannot afford to be judgmental over our fallen brothers and sisters. What we need to do is offer them an arm of support.

I have seen this issue become an epidemic among the young men and women of our "Christian youth culture."

They need a safe place to unload their burden, but they also need wise counsel. Too many of our youth workers are also struggling.

The sooner we extend them Grace and Truth, and help them find restoration, the better our hopes of families finding peace.

Some would say it is too late for this generation of married couples who have children, where the adults and children alike are suffering from the ill affects of pornography addiction.

We have to begin somewhere.

First steps are beginning in many youth groups. We must help assure that they do not adopt a 'sub-culture mentality of justification.'

Too many times, believers find others who fail as they do, and then use it as license to continue to sin.

That is not the desired impact from these youth ministers. That is not the heart of the Father.

It will only change as we help it to become a reality.

Surrender. One heartbeat at a time of surrender, is how we begin.

Creating a safe place for unloading, where wise counsel is available, is the launching point. More steps are needed after this. Follow up and accountability are necessary. One does not concur an addiction by will power.

True revival is needed.

Revival won't happen unless we allow it to happen by His Spirit, and with His guidance, in each of our lives.

We must pray!



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Absolutely! Genuinely surrendering the sin of lust to God is the only way to freedom from it. Will power alone isn't enough, but He is...there is a choice, this I know.


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