Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Deanna, me, Afshin and Meredith Ziafat

By now you are aware of Afshin's role in BJ's testimony. If you aren't, pick up a copy of "I Would Die for You" and you can read about it.

As couples, we finally met a little under a year ago. I have written of the friendship that has ensued, and the blessing they are to us!

Tonight, they are in town for him to speak at a local church. We have the privilege of hosting them in our home, for their brief visit. We are so excited to hear of the the things the Lord is doing in their lives! We also will enjoy some time together, which does not come near often enough.

The Lord continues to open doors for them. To see them walk through these with fear and trembling, knowing each to be a God sized task, is inspiring! This is what it looks like to be humble before God, and to be used mightily by Him.

Similarly, a reader of our book, recently started a fan page on facebook, for "I Would Die for You." She is the daughter of a pastor and is opening her own life for the Lord to use. We have never met.

It has been amazing to see what she was inspired to begin, experience exponential growth in a short period of time.

The other night, as Deanna and I were looking over it for the first time, we were reviewing the members. We were amazed to see one James Caviezel, listed among them. That is the same James Caviezel who portrayed Jesus in the "Passion of the Christ!"

I admit I have been full of skepticism as to whether or not it is actually him. Regardless, to see his face/page attached to this is encouraging!

The current picture on his facebook is taken directly from the "Passion" movie and moves me!

One of his "friends" has painted a picture of Christ, inspired by the movie. In it, He is laying on his back with shredded flesh, one eye swollen shut, and He is looking at you with the other.

I have deep penetrating chills!

That He did this for me, is inconceivable! As I say that, I am reminded of the line from the "Princess Bride," where the Spaniard says, "I do not think that means, what you think it means!" to "inconceivable" being used over and over.

This is the appropriate use of that word!

That He would undergo such abuse, that I might have Salvation, is unjust. That I would choose to do anything with my life other than bring Him glory, is also unjust... and inconceivable!

Afshin, BJ and James have each made huge sacrifices that point others to Christ!!!

What am I doing?

Are my public displays and my private moments, congruent?

I must seek to be sure they are. He is worth the cost!!!



At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed the name and picture on the new Facebook site. I commented to Ray and wondered how you knew him. How neat is this.
Aunt Maralyn

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