Friday, May 28, 2010

hiking Colorado...

The summer is upon us and many schools have let out. This is the time of year so many look forward to! Deanna has begun to enjoy the break.

We are busy in our offices trying to get everything ready for the summer trips. There is always so much to do.

This summer will be very different. The team Deanna and I intended to lead to South Asia, had to be canceled for a variety of reasons. Having already raised up the leadership for the other trips, I will be home this summer, working from my office. I will lead a team to Panama in late July, for 10 days.

Honestly, I am looking forward to the rest. I don't know what is in store for sure, but look forward to time with Deanna.

Just before our our leadership training then student training begins, we are heading to visit family for a few days. We are both looking forward to this! We'll be away from the computer for a week or so.

My daughter Lauren, recently got engaged and will be married November 19th of this year. We are very excited for her! She will celebrate another birthday apart from us, as she will be in Peru for it this year. I honestly cannot remember the last birthday of hers that we actually got to be with her.

Take some time to love on your family over the coming days. Summers tend to see everyone scatter in different directions. This is a great holiday to spend time together around the grill, enjoying the warm/hot weather spring weather!

I pray you have a safe and blessed holiday weekend!



At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Diana R.A. said...

Dear Mr. Higgins, I first read about your son BJ on a cd i checked out from the library of MercyMe. It was very touching and reached out to me since i've been praying for my 20 yr.old daughter who has decided to go on a mission trip to Asia.Your son reminds me so much of my daughter.She has been on many trips overseas but this one is the furthest she's been from home.Please pray for our family as the Lord guides her on this journey. Thank you and bless you!


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