Friday, May 07, 2010

Turkeys at Shiran Camp, outside of Trujillo, Peru

Being out in His creation brings a soothing calm to my soul. It de-stresses me. I have written about this on many occasions.

This past week, I got out several times. Deanna even went with me once. She loves the outdoors as well, but since returning from Peru last summer, has been dealing with a recurring foot issue that has kept her indoors.

She has been to six different doctors, had two ablations, heard a host of others chime in with amateur diagnosis, and is still suffering with a nerve affliction. She has had an amazing attitude. Recently we found shoes which have allowed her to workout with a lower level of pain/discomfort. It has not been easy.

She wanted to venture out with me, as we scouted a friends land for turkey hunting.

I know, I know. Many don't want to hear that.

Anyway, she was able to enjoy the outdoors in a way she had not for quite some time. We hiked mainly level trails/roads, to keep the stress to her foot to a minimum. We found some decent places to set up, and even saw one Tom strutting his stuff!

I received permission to bow hunt this property, only this past Sunday. Turkey season ended this past Thursday. I did not have much time.

I managed to get out on three occasions this week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Deer hunting is usually done from a tree stand, 10 to 20 feet aloft. Turkey hunting is usually done on the ground. One takes up residence at the base of a tree (usually one that is wider than you are... if you can find one) sporting camouflage, hoping the turkey thinks you are a bush.

I sat for hours over these three days. I had so much time to fellowship with my Savior and enjoy watching birds and other wildlife! Many will be thankful that I did not see one turkey when I had my bow in my hand.

My foam decoy spun back and forth in the Oklahoma wind... attracting nothing. My amateurish turkey calling brought about many replies from nearby Toms' but none came forth.

As the season closed on Thursday and I waited till the last moments of daylight, then packed my truck to leave. I made a final loop through the property, hoping for a last second chance. I saw nothing.

I waited as the electronic gate slowly opened, thinking about my afternoon. I was so thankful for the opportunity to be out! I loved the time, and felt stress free as I headed home.

I had no sooner passed the gate of my friends property, and turned the corner in the adjacent neighborhood when I saw them. FIVE STRUTTING TOMS!

They taunted me from the safety of a homeowner's yard.

I had to laugh! I tried calling my wife, but she did't pick up.

I thought about the time I had invested and the lack of harvest. I was not sorry! I had a blessed time with my Savior, had enjoyed His creation, and left with as sense of irony.

Sometimes the joy in pursuing a goal, isn't found in reaching it. It's found in the journey... sometimes, where you least expect it.

I am thankful for how He provides, and how closely related my joy is to His heart.

What a Savior!



At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Encountering God's creations, be it Turkey, Deer, Trees or Flowers is always an awesome experience, especially when shared with those whom we love. I enjoy time spent with Holly and Rebecca Hunting (Katelyn doesn't care for it much), Enjoying the outdoors, seeing Deer and Turkey, and Coyotes out in the fields. One day soon I hope you and I, and Bruce and Paul can get out to fellowship in God's Great Outdoors.


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