Friday, June 11, 2010

Deanna and my sister Lynae

A very good friend of mine is getting ready to head to the mission field for a two to three year tour. She is heading to one of those countries in a Muslim land that we cannot mention.

She is gifted in building relationships with the women of that and other cultures. While at her University, I have seen her befriend and spend much time with non-believing women, in an effort to share truth with them. She has done so.

She does this with such love and grace that these women long for more time with her. When one is around others who shows the true heart of our Savior, they are drawn in by the uncommon display of true caring.

Too many cast judgment, and cause these same people to feel they have no right to be here. The way some look down on them is hurtful... both to the unbeliever and to the witness they are supposed to be for Jesus.

My friend stands out in our society, because she cares, like Jesus. She loves like Jesus. She makes a difference for Jesus.

She leaves our culture with minor apprehension about what is ahead. Of course she is nervous. She knows she may never return. It doesn't matter. She has been on the journey of her calling for many years. What is important to her is Jesus. Because of this, she willing walks where others will never go.

There is no doubt in my mind that she will impact the kingdom for Him. She already has! She has done more for our Savior than most will do in their lifetime. Because she cares... about Him, His desire, His will, and their lostness.

Should she be afforded the poverty of returning, she will no doubt have stories that others will struggle to believe.

I have seen her make a difference in my own ministry. Her wisdom exceeds her youth... because of her Christ-likeness. She has a strong grasp on the needs of others, believers and non. She tends to those needs, because her godly mother was a wonderful example... of Jesus.

She lost her mother when she was 14. Through such a dark time, a loving father helped her carry on.

She left her University to come and work along side me and other staff. She changed to a part time student to work in missions and lead teams. It was just one more leg of her journey... to follow Jesus! She learned much, but she taught much. She sharpened the iron in many lives.

Her new life will be very different from her current one... except that she will be following Jesus.

I wonder who will take her place? Who will pour into the lives of those who have been blessed to know her for a season. Who will deny their own desires and follow Him, because He calls them to, not because it is the cool thing to do? Who when suddenly thrust into the spotlight, will point to Jesus, and bow out of His way?

My life will be harder, because I will not have her nearby. Though barely older than the students she served, she has taught me much. My life is better for having worked with her, ministered beside her, and led teams to multiple countries as her partner.

I Praise God for you KK! I will miss you more than you can possibly know! You are one of my heroes of the faith!!! I stand among a great cloud of witnesses in awe of your radical obedience... to a mighty God! I will forever praise Him... beside you.

I am proud of you!

Godspeed my friend!



At 10:37 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I echo your comments. She has taught me much and is an amazing witness to all she meets. She truly reflects the light of our Lord. We must be faithful in lifting her, her team, and the people the Lord is sending her to while she is gone!

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I sure hope she has the opportunity to keep up with her blog while she's away. Her blog, along with this one, have been such an inspiration. When you see her again, tell her that!


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