Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whitney and BJ, five years ago... (now she is a practicing, registered nurse)

Most of us know that when students graduate from high school, most of them will also "graduate" from church. Perhaps "vacate" would be better terminology.

I believe more and more, that the reason for this has much to do with the lack of evidence and/or connectivity that most of them see in the Christ they hear preached and how church attenders live.

Perhaps Pastor Steve Stroope said it best when he stated, "Our kids are not rejecting our doctrine, they are rejecting our hypocrisy." (I found this on my friend, Pastor David Anderson's facebook wall)

The treasures held within the Bible were not meant to remain locked or untapped. Our Father in heaven means for us to establish such significant relationship with Christ, that our lives are and remain completely changed.

When we allow ourselves to be changed, we stop looking like the hypocrite we often see when we peer into the mirror.

All we have to do to ignore these changes is to pursue our individual desires. The more we seek self, the greater the emptiness inside. This causes most to pursue desire more passionately, under the mistaken belief that "more" will quench their lustful thirst. The truth is it creates a significant chasm between what we say we believe and how we live.

This gap causes others to lose interest in, or belief that the Christ they hear preached, is the answer. In their minds, if He were, the difference would be reflected in those they have encountered.

If we know Him, then we are each sinners, saved by Grace. Grace has room for failure. But grace needs not to be the crutch upon which failure leans. I mean, we should not intentionally pursue selfish desires because we know in the end, His Grace is sufficient.

That kind of hypocritical living, is what causes many others to believe that He isn't worth it.

Jesus IS worth the cost of self denial.

Our children learn to embrace things in life by watching us. Let us also teach them how to let go of those things that don't bring Him glory!



At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... God in hot pursuit of me and my ways!! Heard a similar message last night, along the lines that "we become so bent on policing that we forgo love" ~~ likened to the Pharasee's of old. That's me, expecting my kids to live for Christ while living with a hypocrite. Thank God for using you (and others) once again.


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