Monday, March 21, 2011

I just returned from Nuevo Laredo/Laredo. God moved mightily! Even the Mexican newspaper 'El Manana' interviewed us and wrote a story about the hope we sought to bring! Many were added to His Kingdom, on both sides of the border.

It is such an encouragement to walk out the obedience we are called to! Seeing the Lord move among the Latinos in Nuevo Laredo/Laredo was a blessing! Many surrendered their lives to Him.!

Many asked us why we were there and wondered if we were unaware of the many deaths that had been the result of gang violence in the drug community. "That is why we are here," was our reply. "We want to bring hope to those without it."

Plazas that used to be overwhelmed with people saw just a smattering frequent the lonely benches. The city literally looked like death. As if the violence of gang wars was not enough, most of the trees had died from a harsh winter.

The day we were in the paper, people began to smile and greet us. Even a US Border Patrol agent called out to us as we left our homeland soil to proclaim our Savior's truth. His normally sullen face became animated as he related the story he'd read, and connected it to our team.

This would continue until our final day. We were on US soil, but headed out of Laredo. Our team reached the final checkpoint. The bus was pulled over because of the number of people on it.

When the agent boarded our bus, he recognized the team. He had been playing basketball the day before, when we were in the same plaza. He quickly let us pass without further inspection.

God demonstrated His power throughout our time there. Doors opened before us in unique ways. Even the teaching time with our team was significantly blessed as He opened our eyes and hearts to His truths.

There is simply no substitute for serving Him with an obedient heart. He moves. He saves. He blesses. He meets needs.

When we get caught up in serving our own agendas, we miss out on His best. He came to serve. So should we.

His most powerful demonstration in teaching, was the way He lived His life. He compels us to do likewise.




At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to hear about the great things God is doing!

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Sophia said...

Hi Mr.Higgins,
I just finished reading your book about BJ. I am the same age that BJ would be now, and I felt closer to the story because of that. I have been greatly encouraged through your book in more ways than one. It encouraged me to see that other young people are also so passionate about God, even from a young age. It gave me hope as I struggle feeling alone in my passion for God. I was also encouraged by the faith and trust your family exhibited in the midst of losing BJ. I just recently lost my 24-year-old cousin to an aneurism that still has no known cause. She was one of my best friends and the first person that I have ever lost that was very close to me. She loved the Lord, and I know she is rejoicing in the Savior’s presence right now. This book brought me peace and reminded me that God’s will is good no matter what. I marked the book up so much because there were so many important truths spoken. I journal as well, and it was so interesting to see BJ’s journals and know my own. I felt as though I knew BJ as a friend and fellow sibling in Christ. It is so cool to see how the common bond of Christ can unite any two people. BJ and your family’s story encouraged my soul so much and given a new fervor to my spiritual life. From a young age I have desired to be a missionary, and remember wishing at the age of 11 that I could be a martyr for Christ. My parents have held me back from travelling, but God has been faithful to allow me to minister through online mission organizations and ones in college. Thank you for encouraging my soul, and for the support you gave me in chasing this calling Christ has put on my life. Thank you for sharing his story with the world. May God shower blessings upon your family.
Because He lives,

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Pray for BJ said...

God Bless you Sophia! It is such a blessing to hear from you. We appreciate your surrender before our Savior, and pray that He uses it for His glory! You can find us on facebook should you choose to. We would love to connect you to the mission field should the Lord open the door.


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