Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tucker Henry Law, 4 lbs 10 0z, and 18" long. Born August 6th at 34 weeks. He is a precious preemie.

Two Sundays ago, I was debriefing our Panama team at the conclusion of their trip. I picked them up in Dallas and spent some blessed time, hearing their stories, helping them shape their experience, and having them affirm one another. It was amazing!

Monday morning, as I awaited their departure, my daughter Whitney contacted me. She had been hospitalized with mild preeclampsia and contractions. She was only 33 weeks along in her pregnancy.

I was blessed to already be in Dallas, so I got to stop and visit her in the hospital on my return trip to Tulsa.

She was in good spirits, and was unsure how long she would be hospitalized.

The contractions stopped, but her blood pressure continued to be high. Eventually, they told her she would be in the hospital and off of work, until she delivered. We had no idea how long this might be, but her doctor told her she would deliver before 37 weeks.

The idea of three or four weeks in the hospital was daunting. She continued to have on again, off again contractions through last week.

A planned Baby Shower for this past Sunday was already on the books. Plans began to be made to alter how it would be conducted. Deanna and Lauren had already planned to go. Whitney's situation, caused me to go as well.

We left after lunch this past Friday, and headed to Denton, Texas. We arrived by dinner time, and got to spend time with she and Jared (her husband). Her blood pressure remained too high as we left the hospital, to retire at their nearby home.

We went to bed uncertain of what might unfold. I received a call from Jared at about 1am, telling me that her blood pressure was at an unhealthy level, so they were inducing labor, and she would likely deliver Saturday morning.

I woke my family to tell them the news, and prepared them for a "moment's notice" trip to the hospital.

Jared texted me throughout the night to keep me updated.

Whitney's labor did not follow normal paths. Her contractions were near constant, but did not progress. About 6 am Jared let me know they wanted to do a 'C section.'

Whitney did not want this. She wanted to deliver naturally. She was upset by the need for this.

I advised her to have the procedure as her health was at risk. So did her husband and the doctor.

The decision was made to do so, and we headed to the hospital.

We arrived about 7 am. At 7:21 am, Tucker Henry was born! He weighed 4 lbs 10 oz. and was 18" long.

He was so perfectly proportioned and the C section delivery had spared the misshapen head that sometimes results.

He was teeny tiny. It is hard for pictures to convey how small he was/is, but the one above helps.

Whitney's BP remains high and she needs our prayers. Tucker has had some normal issues as a result of being born 6 weeks early. However, at this point we are so thankful for how well he is doing.

He was due September 17, but arrived August 6th. This day was already special in our family, as it is my parents wedding anniversary. My dad passed away 17 Augusts ago. Tucker's arrival is very special to his Great Grandmother for this reason!

He is very special to us on so many levels!

Deanna remains in Denton to help Whitney get things ready for him to come home. We don't yet know when that will be, but are expecting him to remain at the hospital in the NICU until at least Saturday, when he is 35 weeks.

We praise God for his safe arrival, and for the improving health of both Mother and child. His proud father is doing very well, also.

So is his over excited 'Poppy'...that's me. Some of you may remember that my son used to call me this. I have decided to forgo traditional grandfatherly names to be "Poppy."

My wife will be "Nana."

We are so excited to fulfill these roles!

Oh, and the Baby shower still happened... in the hospital, and was a great way to welcome Tucker!



At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first thing I said upon hearing of Tucker's arrival was the fact that it was your parents wedding anniversary. I'm sure this does have special meaning for your Mother. Trust all continues to go well.
Aunt Maralyn

At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats, again, Brent and Deanna Brent's parents' anniversary! The first thing I thought of (being on 'the other' side of the family) was that Tucker was born on Deanna's grandmother's birthday. It would have been Bigmama's 100th birthday! What a special child. AND what a great name! Blessings!
Uncle Dan Tucker

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