Monday, October 24, 2011

A young Cambodian girl serves by preparing food for her family

I have been pondering 2 Kings 5 over the last few weeks. I am captivated by the attitudes of the servants in this story. Their actions cast a shadow that I find myself lost in.

Everything about our country teaches us to seek success. Get a good job, make lots of money and you will be happy.

The problem is, it doesn't work.

Many have made this their mantra and even pass it on to their children. I have watched many students struggle with their calling in life because they fear Mom and Dad's reaction if they pursue ministry. I've heard many stories of parents' who tell their children not to pursue ministry, "cause there's no money in it."

Most who serve money as their master are miserable, and live primarily to try to make more. Pursuing the need to fill an emptiness within that only Christ can fill.

I have seen many believers fall prey to this idolatry.

The story in 2 Kings 5 deals with Naaman's healing from leprosy. What I am taken by is the fact that 4 times in this story, a servant or messenger, who remains nameless, fulfills a role of obedience to their master, and in most cases the Lord, to further His glory.

They don't seek the limelight. There is no false bravado or insincere humility that seems to lift up the Lord but really illuminates self.

A servant doesn't care who knows his name, he serves because he knows the God who saved him.

This is how we should be living. Seeking to point others to Christ, because we know Him and we know what He has saved us from.

Many begin on this path, but the allure of power, fame, etc., captivates hearts and betrays them.

True humility seeks to make much of Christ, always! It doesn't go on sabbatical, and begin to promote self.

I find myself falling prey to this scheme of the enemy. It's easy to justify as I see many do the same thing. Many call it, "ministerial license."

It is an effective tool of the enemy. Men fall into this trap often.

The desire for "everybody to know your name," is a common one.

We all want to be known, revered.

Few who are, elevate self.

I am thankful for the servants brought to light, 4 different times in this passage. They have caused me to repose and reconnoiter.

I can get a bit full of myself and my own agenda, way too easily.

Seeking and serving because I know my Master is what life is really about. He takes care of His own, when they are faithful to His call.

I praise Him for it!



At 12:17 PM, Blogger gilbert said...

I was just checking your blogsite when your new post came up - I'll reread that chapter again myself - thanks Brent.

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Vicky Ward said...

My daughter is a senior in high school. I actually made an appointment with a career assesment counselor to "figure out" what she should be studying. After viewing the YouTube video of a speaking engagement you recently did, and after reading your blog today, I realize that I, as her parent, have sought out the world's desires for her, not the Lord's. Please pray for Ali and for me as we unpack what the LORD's calling is, and that He will be the source of her study, her heart, and her life....eternal.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Vicky Ward said...

Thank you, Brent for continuing to serve.


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