Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A few days ago, I wrote a new post. When it was finished, I hit "publish" and promptly lost the whole thing, even though it said it was "saved."

I am so thankful that when we are in the hands of our Creator, we cannot suddenly be lost, once He Saves us.

It was a writing I found to come so freely as I stroked the keys, that I believed it to be anointed.


Probably was my imagination.

Even before I hit the "publish" key, I had a momentary sense that I needed to resave it. I failed to do so. It's lost. I can't save anything or anyone anyway.

Many times I have counseled with others who had a very real salvation experience with their Savior, but felt completely alone...lost.

He does not turn loose of us, if we have truly surrendered our lives to Him! His Word even teaches us in 2 Cor 5:1-10, that He has "given us the Spirit as a "deposit guaranteeing what is to come."

The key is whether or not we have truly surrendered our lives to Him. Many make decisions prompted by emotion, or peer pressure (my friend walked the aisle so i did too), but apart from being drawn to the Father by His Holy Spirit (John 6:44).

We each come to our Holy appointment according to His schedule, not our own. This is one reason it is imperative that we continue to pray for those who have not surrendered their hearts to Him, and/or for those who claim to know Jesus, but there is no fruit present to verify relationship (Mtw 7:20).


We like to eat it. Sometimes we like to smell it. It's good for us. It's symptomatic of a good harvest. It's provision from our Creator.

My wife loves fruit. She always has it in our home. Its great when it's ripe, but yucky when it's beyond ripe.

This time of year, there is nothing like fresh apples! Visiting an orchard and getting cider is something we always did when I was little, and we did it when our kids were little as well. It creates lasting impact and memories in our lives.

Spiritually, when our fruit is ripe, others notice. It's why Mtw 7:20 says what it does. They are impacted by the fruit you and I bear. They see something in us that others don't display. Fruit is appealing by its look, its fragrance, and it's taste.

He makes that kind of a change in a believers life. However, we are capable of smothering the aroma with worldly stuff.

When we bear His fruit, the affirmation of the Holy Spirit's deposit in our lives is apparent. He uses it to draw others to Him.

His salvation is not as tenuous as striking a "save" key on your computer. Sometimes that doesn't work for logical reasons. Reasons that bring us great frustration.

I am so thankful that His Salvation is secure!

Our Hope for the future rests in Him and through Him.

Praise God!



At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post Brent.
I also remember all the trips to the Apple Orchard with Gregg and Marla.
The best being with Aunt Millie. I sure miss those days.
Aunt Maralyn

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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