Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our friends, Afshin and Meredith on the evening we first met

This past weekend, we held our annual missions conference. We had such a blessed event with the Lord!

Afshin came and opened our event, then spoke a second time Saturday morning. They stayed with us in our home, and our fellowship was sweet!

It is such a privilege to have such opportunities to share, and grow together. It was good to catch up on what is happening in their ministry, and to hear of upcoming opportunities the Lord is providing for them to share His word!

Truly, no matter who we are, what we have accomplished, or what we enjoy doing, the only thing that will last is what we do for Jesus.

I can spend a great deal of time, filling my life with things of beauty, things that bring me moments of contentment, achieving significant goals, and die a lonely discontented man.

The only thing that brings fulfillment is Jesus.

He satisfies in ways that are difficult to describe. The passion one has for Him, comes from Him.

Many times we live under the mistaken impression that we chose Him, so somehow He owes us.

Not true.

In John 6:44, Jesus says, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him..."

He owes us nothing.

We owe Him our all. Unabashedly surrendered, is how we need to come before Him.

He is worthy. He brings fulfillment. He multiplies joy. He develops passion. He spills into others through our surrender.

A life of man's approval? Not for me, though I sometime seem to forget that.

His penetrating, heart changing, unconditional love and grace overwhelms me.

I am for Him, because He drew me.




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Amen! I needed that.


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