Monday, November 28, 2011

Tucker at his first Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was such a blessed time for us! My family gathered back in Indiana and spent a few days together, laughing, hiking, playing games, doing some work, and just enjoying each others company. I am so thankful!

There is just something so special about having this time together. I ache for those who don't have this privilege.

Among the family were 6 dogs. That was a bit crazy. We each brought ours, and they got along amazingly well! I am so thankful for that too!

My sister Lynae and her family have a dog they rescued from a shelter. She is a year old and her name is Chloe. She has some serious issues with her rear "knees." After a period of activity, they seem to become non-functional. She either whines in pain, or has to lay down. She has so much puppy left in her, that it is difficult for her to remain still.

Perhaps her own issues have made her more sensitive to others pain. She enjoys being around people, but does not crave being touched or petted as most do.

We had some dear friends visit on Saturday. They have also experienced the loss of a son. Their pain is more recent, and the journey is long. Coming together is such sweet fellowship.

When they arrived, my family had all gone out for a bit, so it was just them and Deanna and me. We were seated together by the fireplace to have some intimate time.

I confess I was amazed at what happened next.

I had watched Chloe ignore many attempts at affection from others. I had seen her curl up on her bed and just enjoy being present in the same area as people. I had never seen her do this.

This was our last afternoon together for the week, and we were leaving in the wee hours the following morning. I thought I had seen Chloe's personality and knew who she was.

When our friends arrived, she promptly came over to the grieving mother, and curled up on her feet, and leaned against her legs.

She did not seek attention. She only sought to give love to one who is hurting badly.

This could have been so easily missed. With so many dogs around, the behavior would generally seem normal.

It wasn't for her. She had not done anything like this during our stay together.

Chloe seemed to have a unique sensitivity to the deep emotional pain that most would not see.

She got distracted at one point and left for a bit, only to return to the same position.

She did not want to be petted. She did not want to be spoken to. She just wanted to minister to the needs of the broken.

While we enjoyed a time of conversation and fellowship, I learned a very valuable lesson from my canine friend. Ministry is never about me.

I need to just give, without the need to be given back to.

I am so thankful for the time we had to share. I am deeply blessed to have such precious friends and family. I am deeply grateful to have an encounter that spoke volumes without a word being aired.

Give to the place of need in the lives of others. Use words if absolutely necessary.



At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Brent what a special story about Chloe. Thanks for sharing. All of us(your California family) sure would love to have been there to celebrate with you. I know it was a very great time for all. The picture of your Mom(great grandma) with Tucker is priceless. So is the picture you posted here today of Tucker and you. Just know you are all loved so much by all of us.
Aunt Maralyn

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Precious lesson taught by little Chloe. We can learn a lot from our pets!


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us all be sensitive to the needs of others. Elsie Jay


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