Monday, July 23, 2012

This is the incredible team Deanna and I had the privilege of serving in Peru this summer!
God unified them and then worked through them in power! We are so blessed!

Deanna and I are back from one incredible summer!

We saw the Lord work through this team of 13-23 year old students in amazing ways. Unity does not come easily to students raised in the USA. It required they be humble and transparent before the Lord and each other. This is difficult for so many.

What is accomplished for Him is exponentially greater if each learns to die to self, and serve Him. The team comes together in virtually indescribable ways, when full on surrender happens.

We challenged this team early, to do so. They responded by confessing sin to each other, and allowing the Lord to move and manifest His presence in and among us.

They found that surrender had to be fresh each day, and in each situation. It is so easy to grab the reigns back and start to direct our own paths.

When this began to happen, gentle encouragement brought about a quick correction. This team wanted nothing to get in the way of Jesus being glorified. They worked hard to allow the Lord to be Lord.

He responded by drawing thousands to himself over the course of our four weeks in Peru. We saw the Lord work in miraculous ways.

We are so thankful for the prayer support we have been blessed with by those of you who read here. We hope/trust you were able to follow along at the web address on the writing before this one. If you weren't able to, I encourage you to go back and see what all the Lord accomplished.

Of course, the stories conveyed are only a small portion of all He did. Nonetheless, He receives glory, and rightly so!

I started back to work today, and Deanna will be back in school on Aug 11 (yes, that is a Saturday. I haven't figured out why the staff are starting on Saturday).

That our Lord would take such a broken group of people to Peru and use them in such power and might, proves that "His strength is perfected in our weakness" (2 Cor 12:9).

Our team was made up of those who have abused alcohol, drugs, pornography, relationships and more. One of our number saw their parent murder their brother.

Humility comes quickly when you see the deep brokenness and unworthiness each of us walks in before Christ came into our lives.

Because of Him, we are able to proclaim Truth, both here and wherever He leads us.

Thousands of lives have been forever changed as a result of the obedience of a few!

I praise God for His provision and power! He is worthy of all of our full surrender.

Thank you Jesus! Just, thank you!