Thursday, October 25, 2012

January 2013, a book is coming out by my friend Brad Guice. Brad is a renowned photographer in our country, who is soon to be ordained, and will be pastoring in New Jersey. His book is entitled,
"The Call to Missions, Living the Book of Acts."

He has contributions from many missionaries around the world.

I was first introduced to Brad through a friend named Pat Davila. She was a blogger on this site, whose heart was moved by BJ's plight.

Brad called me early on, after BJ's death. He was working on this project and wanted to use our story. We wanted him to as well, but the timing was wrong. We were working on "I Would Die for You," and our agent was concerned about overlap.

We were disappointed.

However, God had a plan.

Brad's book was held up in production for various reasons. Years passed.

Two years ago, we talked once again, and had the green light to contribute. We are so blessed and very thankful for Brad's journey's and testimony. His story is powerful, of being delivered from drugs. He served under the late Pastor David Wilkerson.

Brad has traveled and photographed the world. You will see his pictures on emotional display in this book. He truly has the ability to cause a stirring in one's heart, with his giftedness.

Brad may be transitioning out of professional photography (which is how he has earned his living) and into full time ministry.

I've had the privilege of an advance electronic copy of his book. It is quite amazing!

I was privileged to author one of the pages, beside one of his photographs. Humbling!

One of the things that moves me most, are the two pages in the back with quotes from missionaries and martyrs.

BJ has a quote that is nestled between William Booth (founder of Salvation Army) and William Carey! In fact, there are quotes from CS Lewis, CT Studd, Mother Teresa, David Livingstone, John Wesley, Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon and others.

Because of a "kernel of wheat," the Lord is being glorified!

Deanna and I count ourselves blessed and thankful for how God continues to use surrendered lives, even when the cost is very great.

Please purchase this book, "The Call to Missions, Living the Book of Acts." You won't be disappointed! As a matter of fact, click on this link and go reserve your copy now!