Wednesday, February 08, 2006

From the earliest days of our courtship, Deanna has loved yellow roses. There have been many occasions where she has received them. My guess is that she might feel (though she would never say it) that there had not been enough. I am sure she would be right.

I have never met a woman who does not enjoy roses. They are so absolutely beautiful, and their fragrance is unequaled. I wonder what was on God's mind when He fashioned the rose. Perhaps that is an unnecessary question, but wow, what incredible results!

There are many metaphors for children, and their significance to mothers. Necklaces, and bracelets adorn many, with gems or figures that represent each child (or grandchild). On occasion, the flower may be one.

In our home, we have always considered our children to be our wealth. The Lord truly and significantly blessed us with ours. So many times as we have discussed who they are, and who they will become, we have been in awe of how God has molded them.

It's easy to assign blame for their shortcomings. We see their failures in ourselves first, and there is an element of guilt and frustration to it.

One that I'll never claim credit for was my sons affinity for the color pink.

Okay, I'm kidding, he didn't have any particular favor for that flavor. He simply saw an opportunity to get a rise out of me, and he took advantage of it. He bought a pink shirt, and came home from a mission trip in it, just to see my reaction (I'm not sure I'll ever forgive my lovely wife for allowing him to do so!). Anyway, he accomplished his goal. I acted as he had hoped.

After his death, on his birthday, many remember that we planted a Blue Spruce tree in front of our home in his honor. That same tree can be seen in the dvd of his funeral celebration. On the day we planted it, family and friends from all over the country circled around it for prayer. While we prayed, a single shaft of light entered our circle (and was caught on film).

The "BJ tree," as we affectionately call it, is planted in front of our home. We can view it from any front window. We decorated it with lights (no, they weren't pink) for Christmas. I often stare at it, and remember him.

About a week ago, someone secretly adorned it with a gentle hue of love. One of you seem to have known about this, and described it's color as pink. However, the rose that captures his mother's heart is yellow, and so was the one we found on his tree.

Thank you for that special act of love.

brent (dad)


At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I often think of BJ during the day. He inspires me like none other - except our Lord. I guess he inspires me to look to the Lord like I never have before. It is awesome and so perfect. I want so much for others to see the beauty that lies when Jesus Christ is foremost in our minds, our mouths, our hearts and our spirits! A true peace beyond nothing else calms the soul when the Spirit bombards you with His presence! It is such an awesome gift. A gift we can choose to accept. I need to thank you and Deanna, Whitney and Lauren, and especially BJ, for guiding me to see the gift in a new and exciting and awesome way. How do I thank you? How do I let you know what it means in my life? Just know I love you all and pray for you continually --

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That makes me laugh while i mission with Bj i heard him say something along the lines of pink and his Dad not liking it, we all laughed!

At 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen Paul! I feel the exact same way!!!

I'm Still praying for you Higgins family!
Florence, Kentucky

At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know reading these comments how honored I feel to know you and your family persoally. The rose was in honor of beej my friend I will miss him as long as I'm here on earth.I view the tree as our lord and beej came to rest in his arms. That is what the rose represented to me. I wanted to do that ever since this happened.
Your Friend in the lord, Corinne DeBaun

At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I checked in - but it's interesting that I had been wondering about the story behind the color pink and that I would check in to see this blog.

My boys went to Lake Ann Baptist Camp here in Michgan for their Freeze Out. They weren't exactly thrilled because they didn't know a soul there to begin with. Joe and I prayed that they would have a great weekend.

When we arrived to pick them up, I was in the lobby and a girl was buying a pink t-shirt. The woman said - "Wow, you got the last one!" and I thought - well at least I know the boys won't be disapponted that THAT shirt is gone - if they even want a shirt!

They were totally thrilled with the weekend. Reece grabbed my arm and said, "Mom - can I get a shirt?!" I said, "Sure." He was practically running and said, "I've got to get this shirt... it's pink and has a penguin on it." I just stopped in my tracks. The last pink shirt was gone. I couldn't help thinking of BJ then and even found myself wondering (totally irrationally) if this was some common camp t-shirt and maybe it had something to do with BJ's shirt.

I'm glad I know the story now. BJ had some spunk! Reece is a lot like that - would buy a shirt and wear it just to get the reaction. He once dressed up as a girl to get a reaction.

What an amazing love of life your kid offered the world - the kind you find with Jesus. Freedome to wear pink and wear it boldly.

Love and blessings..

At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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