Tuesday, April 25, 2006

When BJ was in high school he was on the wrestling team. I cannot say that his desire arose from the wrestling matches we had as he grew up, but I suppose it is possible. We would go at it, and he would be pinned to the ground, but laugh and say "I'm taking it easy cause I don't want to hurt you old man."

His laugh was infectious, and the corner of his mouth would curl up. He would often taunt me, and try to draw me into scuffles. He loved the interaction, and fun. He had no care about beating me, or winning in general, for that matter, he just enjoyed the fellowship of having a riot with his dad.

When he wrestled in school, his lack of a killer instinct did not serve him well. However, he was a scrapper, and he put up a good fight. I remember when he was supposed to wrestle a girl from another team. He refused. Not because he could potentially get beat by a girl, but because he knew it was wrong for him to potentially be touching her in an inappropriate manner. His coach respected his decision to forfeit. So did I, though I admit, at the time, I questioned his motivation. We talked about it later, and I understood.

Of all the times he wrestled, none were as significant as the time he wrestled with
God. It was winter of 2005, he had been to Peru the previous summer. The following summer his desire was to go to Thailand. He was very excited about it. As he began to make plans, the Lord made clear His will for Beej to return to Peru.

He resisted, and encountered one of the darker periods of his young life. He did not want to return, as he felt he had been faithful, and wanted to move on to something more challenging. After a period of time, he relented, as he saw his way was bringing about disobedience, and unfruitfulness.

In doing so, his joy returned, and he was excited for his second summer in Peru. I know you have read of many of his encounters with gangs, policemen, headmasters, and others. In every case, the Lord used him to bring salvation to those he was willing to minister to.

That kind of joy is not imaginable without our obedience. BJ could have been disobedient, gone to Thailand, and would probably still be with us. That potential disobedience was stealing his communion with the Lord. He paid an incredible price to follow God in obedience, and look at the communion he has now.

The world would say he was a fool. He could have saved his life and won, by going where God did not want him. He was willing to lay it all down to bring glory to his Jesus. I believe he chose wisely. I know this was a wrestling match he faltered in early, but by losing his life, he won, eternally.

BJ was willing to "Die for You," Jesus. Thank you for the privilege of sharing in the life of a son who loved that deeply.



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Mr Higgins,
Can you please give us the site again for Erik and Kelly. (the couple that you met/or heard of, in Indiana working with Campus Crusade. He has cancer.) I was checking their site daily, and somehow it isn't on my list anymore.
Thanks so much!

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Posting through tears. Thank you so much, again, for sharing, both BJ's life and yours. You all are often in my prayers.


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Here is the site for Erik and Kelly:

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your family is amazing. :-)

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Hey Higgins
Hope you guys are enjoying the transition. I'm missing you all. I picked up the MercyMe CD today...AWESOME...

Your Bro. In Christ
Jonathan Haag

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I know you feel blessed to have been BJ's parents for his time on earth, but I wonder if you realize how blessed BJ was to be your son!?!? After following your story for many months, I can't help but think that you two are some of the most amazing people I have ever heard of! Your children are SO BLESSED to have you as their parents! I hope to live as wonderfully as an example to my kids as you have been to yours! Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us. It has forever changed my relationship with Christ! Thank you Higgins family and God bless all of you!

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Hi Brent,
I just read a bit ago, your words in the new Mercy Me cd booklet. It brougt back to my mind the days that I spent reading about your sons ordeal as well as your entire family. I am so glad that we have the blessed assurance that this is not the end. I hope that I could have 1/2 the strength that you showed if any of my children were to go through something like BJ did. Bless you.


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I just read your well-chosen words in the new Mercy Me CD cover. My prayer is that God will use them, as He did BJ's life, to impact many people for Christ. May Bart's song in conjunction with BJ's testimony challenge others to a life of service for God.

I just want you to know that even though your whole family is scattered at the moment, you are being united through the many prayers of God's people.

I love you all and hold you in my heart and prayers.


At 9:50 PM, Blogger Ashley Reagan said...

I love you family! I cried when I heard "I would die for you" and I loved the letter. May you find blessings all over this week!

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There's not a time when I read this site that I don't end up in tears, not necessarily tears of sorrow, but tears of joy at how much God is working in your lives and other peoples lives as BJ's legacy lives on. I picked up the CD just about an hour ago... I almost forgot after having a hectic day, but at the last minute remembered as I was on my way home from work and had to make a detour to the store... it immediately went in my car cd player and as I was driving I had tears in my eyes... the words couldn't have been placed any better in the song, God definately placed those words in Bart's mind for a reason...
I love you guys so much and Miss you!!
I pray that God continues to work in your lives and that BJ's legacy continues to live on!
Love Always,
Rachel Trask

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I wish you hadn't told that story. I happen to be listening to I Would Die For You by Mercy Me while reading. But I can understand why you told it.

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I sit here listening to one of the most beautiful songs I think I've heard, yes, it's "I Would Die For You", with the tears streaming down my face, wondering how many others would have the faith and trust in our Lord like BJ did to say that they too would die for Him.

Brent your words in the cover were perfect.

I have to agree with Anonymous, yes you were blessed to have BJ in your life, but my gosh how blessed your children are to have both you and Deanna as their parents. How blessed BJ was and still is.

How extremely blessed are we, the body of Christ to belong to the very best family in the universe.

May the Lord continue to bless each one of you as you follow His leading and direction for you all.

In His Love

P.S. Brent I prayed for your first tornado threat. God is so good keeping us safe.

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Beej shared once with me about his desire to go to Thailand... but how God had changed his heart. I didn't think too much about it then, but now see that it was the most important decision BJ would make other than accepting Christ and following Him.
I heard the "Praise You in the Storm" song tonight and it brought back so many memories. You guys cannot know how deeply you've touched my life.
I'm praying for you during this move and the unknown in the transition. God has a plan in all the confusion, and knows exactly where He wants you to live.
Love you!

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As I sat in my car tonight, listening to the song, I could only imagine what a huge impact BJ must have had on everyone he came in contact with. The person beside me in the car welling up tears in her eyes, remembering the times that she had spent with BJ this last summer working with him at the camp. When it was finished, she said she wished she would have spent more time with him, to get to know him better. He had amazing wisdom and a drive to follow God with his entire heart, something that she and everyone else around him saw and desire. What makes BJ unique is that he choose to do God's will instead of just wanting God's will. What a beautiful place to be.

In Christ,

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I haven't gotten my CD yet, I have to wait till Payday!! All these postings have made me really anxious for Friday to get here!!

I have posted several times telling you how inspired you all make me. My walk with GOD has taken such a huge turn, thanks to you and a ministry I got involved in October. GOD brought two huge blessings into my life...Lifeline and BJ! GOD BLESS YOU all in all you do for the Lord!

Florence, KY


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