Monday, June 19, 2006

As Brent, Deanna, Lauren and Whitney prepare for another day of intense preparation in Dallas I can't help but think about the changes occurring in their lives and the events that have led up to them. A year ago none of us would have forseen what was to transpire.

Last year we were gathered at Brent and Deanna's home at Highland Lakes Camp and my sister Lynae was there with her young children. One of the favorite pastimes was of course hiking and we would set off with as many of us as wanted to go - which of course included all of the children - and enjoy the beauty and adventure of the area. This always set the stage for watching BJ interact with the "little ones". As has been noted before, BJ didn't let age get in the way of who he would spend time with and he loved spending time with his young cousins - and they with him.

Together they would play in the puddles, check out the insects, frogs or anything else living -or dead- that came across our path. The world was full of wonder for each of them and BJ treated them as best friends, there was no sense of his feeling obligated to spend time with them because that wasn't how he saw it, it was opportunity to just "be" with family of any age. I remember many times looking back (since I was too busy in my adulthood to see all of the wonder that they did) and watching them interact, animation in their faces and limbs as they made new discoveries or just enjoyed the wonders of water, stones and mud. They found joy in the simplest of things and it was shared as if it was great treasure.

Thank you Father for these smile inducing memories, for family, for children. Thank you for loving us beyond ourselves, whatever the difference in our ages or levels of maturity. Thank you for bringing people into our lives who give us earthly examples of your heavenly nature. Thank you for sustaining us through trials and changes; thank you for caring for us even when we can't care much for ourselves. Help us to reach beyond ourselves to be light to a dark world. We love you Father and give you praise. In Jesus' name, Amen.



At 9:28 AM, Blogger PeteAce said...

Brad, et al.,
Fathers Day weekend is a whirlwind of emotions. Some family members there to make it special and some just not there for whatever reason. Either way, today is the moment that the Lord has given us. Living in that moment, that is the challenge. Living for Christ in the moment, now that is a heart fully alive.
Yesterday my son, PJ was missing from Fathers day. He's there at ASU with the team. And yet, I could not be more proud of God's call on his life and his response to that call. I miss him terribly. Yet, he has so encouraged me to live Phil 3:14 "I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." What is the goal? Heaven. Why don't I live that for that goal? Because I don't see Heaven the way Paul did.
The New Heaven and the New Earth will be even more fantastic than this world is today. Far more adventuresome, beautiful, breath-taking. Imagine those Rocky Mountains, white capped peaks, sun setting. Now imagine a city, nestled there in the clouds of those mountains. Heaven will be more striking than our best day of imagination. Now, press toward that goal, live for that, store up treasures there. LIVE today, yes. But live today, for Heavens sake.
Strength and honor,

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Can anyone tell me how to see the TV interview,for those of us out of the area. I went to and looked through, but nothing directed me to the interview. Thanks for any help.
Kimberley Poncin
Purcellville, Va.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Link to the interview on Fox59:,0,7202615.wmvfile?coll=wxin-morning-news-2

Grab your kleenex ...

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Thank you Brad,So well put


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