Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last Father's Day BJ was in Peru. You may recall he left me a gift... a pink dress shirt. It has become a very special gift in many ways. This Father's Day, I had no expectations as we were going to be in training at Awe Star University (ASU).

I received a card from my family which was very special. I also received cards from several other students who have taken to calling me "dad." That was a blessing. My lovely wife had gifts for me which I did not deserve.

That evening at ASU I was very surprised at what they had orchestrated. During the day, a journal was being passed about to the different students who were present. They wrote diligently. Some penned many words, while others were short and to the point.

I did not know anything about this. I did not see it being passed about. When one of my new daughters slipped and spoke of it, it did not realize or understand her inference.

That evening, I was called to the front during one of the sessions. What followed was precious to me. Barbara Ann, one of BJ's Peru '05 teammates, and one of the leaders for our Chile trip this year, came up to where I was and began to speak.

God gave her the most peaceful and gentle words, and the most gracious spirit as she spoke of my son, and then of me. The intent of this evening was to honor me on my first Father's Day without BJ. They presented me with a journal that most of them had written to me in. I cannot convey to you how humbling it was to have this event occur on this day. It was such a significant blessing, and I was moved deeply.

At the conclusion of her kind words, the whole of Awe Star, students and staff came to the front and offered up prayer on my and my families behalf. I want to thank each and every participant for this memorable event!

As I wiped my eyes and returned to my seat, I heard a student say to me, "Did he speak to you?"

I did not understand the question. I turned and looked at him and said, "What did you say?"

He repeated his question. I said, I am afraid I don't understand what you mean.

He said, "Your son, did he speak to you while we were praying?"

My mouth fell open, and I uttered something unintelligible.

He responded, "I thought I saw him up there while we were praying, and I just wondered if he spoke to you."

I had no words. I was simply bewildered. I have no idea what he saw, but the thought of Beej being present even in spirit was joyful and sad at the same time.

I will not soon forget Father's Day 2006. The year many new family members began to call me dad.

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What a precious gift you received. It's wonderful to watch as God softens and draws the hearts of so many youth towards you with compassion and love. What an awesome mentor you are Brent, it is no wonder that Beej was, and still is so well loved. Your love for Christ, your family and for others is so obvious to the bystander.
Thank you Lord for the wonderful blessing You bestowed to this mighty man of God, may Your presence be forever with him. Amen

In His Love

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glorious! Thank you Jesus, for placing it on so many hearts to bless Brent in this Christ-like way! What a precious gift to carry in your heart for a lifetime.

Please pray for my aunt Ellen who is undergoing a mastectomy tomorrow in N.Y. And a safe flight for my sister who is going to be with her for the weekend.

And for me, I am going to Missouri tomorrow as my uncle died last night from very fast cancer. I will be gone until sunday also. Please pray for safe journeys, peace and patience with family members, and for all to get saved, as none are.

Thank you and God bless

Linda Anderson

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God Bless you...
Greenfield, Indiana

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God's love is truly amazing and when those around you are filled with that love and freely share it, it is truly a gift and you are blessed.

Bless all of those who contributed and were a part of that very special day.


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Wow, too!

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Thank you once again for sharing these experiences. And thank you for so graciously fulfilling your expanded role of "Dad" to so many students. For some, it is a bitter-sweet but God-given blessing to be able to call you "Dad". Thanks for being a spiritual leader and "Dad" role model. You are touching some in ways you may never realize.

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Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.


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