Thursday, July 20, 2006

We are fortunate to love and serve a God who doesn't need our burnt offerings. Instead, He wants my broken spirit and broken and humbled heart so that they can be molded and shaped into something new, something useful for Him.

Satan often lulls me into mediocrity and reasons me into a foggy harbor. But the Lord is the keeper of the Light and only He can guide me out successfully. Satan's only goal is to seperate me from Christ, he doesn't care how he achieves this goal. As C.S. Lewis indicated in The Screwtape Letters, " the gradual slope to hell is the best one to use because it is the least obvious to the Christian." As Peter instructs in 2 Corinthians 10:5, I must make every thought captive to the obedince to Christ - every thought.

Lord, pleast grant me a heart of love, a sense of urgency about helping others and a joyful spirit that will encourage others and convince them of Your presence in my life. I don't want it unless it is totally real and completely of You. I need to bring joy to others, may I be bold in faith while understanding in heart. Let others see You in me, every day.

The team has returned safely to the States and is defriefing in Dallas before heading their seperate ways to serve and share in their hometowns. Thank you Lord!


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