Thursday, December 28, 2006

All have left now except for Brad, and my family. Headed back to their lives, their work, their homes. We too, will be on the road early tomorrow morning, as we head back to Tulsa.

It is always difficult to separate. When we have time together, it always seems we do not take full advantage of it. Once apart, the longing for what was returns.

One of the things that "was" this time was a hike. The thing about hiking here at the camp, is that there is enough undergrowth, that sometimes it is not easy to negotiate the path. Body gymnastics don't come as easily as they used to. Bending down is one of those things that isn't as much fun any more. It involves pain as muscles that aren't used to getting exercised are stretched to capacity.

Last night, after we packed Lynae's van for an early morning departure, Rich (her husband) discovered he was missing a key element...his phone. He had planned on using it as an alarm clock...only it was missing.

We verbally retraced his steps through the day. Family keyed in to the times they saw it clipped to his belt. After verbally walking back through the day, we figured out that he probably lost it while negotiating the trail. Great! 100 acres of land, and where might we find it?

It was already midnight, the kids were in bed and the final packing was done. Now we needed to plan a 'search and rescue' mission. We grabbed flashlights, put on layers of warm gear, and headed out to the muddy trail.

Three dim beams foraging through the dark shoals of night, seeking a "black" object that was not likely to reflect any of the light, was not a promising proposition.

We decided where the toughest part of the trail had been and headed down the route, backwards. We would likely reach the area of undulation more quickly this way.

We crossed two bridges and directed the beams into the murky water below. We could see nothing. The leaf litter was continuous on the path, and made it most difficult to see anything clearly.

We rounded bend after bend, silently praying as we searched.

Then, we came over a small rise, turned left, shone the beam down the trail ahead, and there it was. It had dislodged from his belt in rather an open and easily traversed section of trail. A bit odd, that this is where it would be found. We expected to find it under a low thicket.

We rejoiced at our find! It was nearly 12:30 am, and with flashlight beams waning, it was finished.

The journey for so many of our "lost" family and friends is very much like this. They traverse some of the darkest areas of life, reach a bit of a clearing, have time to think things over, and even the dimmest of beams seems to bring glorious Light!

If we are faithful, we have been busy praying, organizing midnight vigils, fasting, seeking the Lord on their behalf. We offer up routine silent prayers...often without real expectation of them being answered. We do so because we are in pain over their plight, and it seems to help.

We should never be surprised that our Lord delivers them through the darkest of circumstances. He is in the business of bringing Light to a lost world.

Please pray for our team of missionaries in Mexico right now who have planned their own rescue mission. The lives of many rest in the balance! Fast, pray, seek the Lord for these and those you know who are doing similarly.

During this season of celebration, some will find eternal life!

Praise God!



At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the team in Mexico. May God richly bless their diligence. Thank you for your post today.

At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I trust that your Christmas was absolutely delightful. I hope that your time w/family was well spent. mine was a good one. Always good to spend time w/loved ones.

I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday (friday).. pray for a continued recovery. also..pray for Phil Christensen.. my CC to Ecuador.. He had ACL surgery on Wednesday.. pray for his recovery..and his rehab and he prepares for next summer.

i love you all alot. i cant wait to see you next weekend!

Also.. I was driving yesterday (before the surgery, dont worry) and saw someone who was a smitten image of my brother. Every once in a while i run into someone who resembles him..and everytime it brings me back. Thank you for your letter to him. thank you for sharing that w/us.

i miss you! i miss him. but i'm praying always..


At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Blog Family!


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