Wednesday, December 13, 2006

For the last couple of days, our nephew Derek, has been staying with us. He just graduated from Houston Baptist University. He is six months older than Lauren. Though they have always lived in Houston, and we have raised our children in Indiana, we have been close throughout their lives.

He is a youth pastor at his church. He is a gentle soul, who loves life, and seeks hard after God and His will for his life. Derek grew up participating in missions with his family and his church. He has served in Costa Rica, Mexico and Germany, many times each. He and his family speak Spanish.

A few months ago, he contacted me about something he was thinking of doing. He knows he will serve in ministry somewhere, but is not exactly sure where that will be. The Lord laid it on his heart to explore a possibility after he finished with school. He began to pursue that, and called me when he was in his info gathering place.

I grew excited about what he is thinking. We began to talk, and I was able to make some contacts for him.

Having him here has been a special blessing for us. You can get to know someone so much better when they are alone. I believe all of our previous encounters with him have involved other family members in one capacity or another. That always dilutes the time you have.

He has been very animated and has had much to say. I admit, I have been a bit surprised. Perhaps I did not know him as well as I thought. He used to be the quiet one (he has an older brother, David).

He has been our companion for the last couple of days, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. Such is the impact he has on the lives of students, that he just returned from Germany. He made a very brief visit there for a very special reason. One of the young people he has forged a relationship with there over the last several years was getting baptized.

So important was Derek to this young mans life, that his mother contacted Derek, and flew him to Germany to be present at the baptism. I cannot believe that! That is a huge event on both sides.

Deanna was sharing with me how much she enjoyed her time with him. Yesterday after her school was out, she and Derek went shopping...both for Derek's other up-coming trip, and for Christmas for family.

They laughed and he clowned. This brought back vivid memories for her as she was reminded of the brief number of times she had the same opportunities with BJ. How she misses those. How much good it did her soul, to have this opportunity to once again share in this way. It is amazing how this kind of laughter can bring about sadness. It is unexpected. Yet, joy still fills her countenance as the three of us spent the evening together.

He is headed back to Houston now, where he and his family reside. He is preparing for his next act of service.

He leaves January 5th, and will be gone for 8 months, where he will continue his lifestyle as a missionary. His mother is trying to prepare for this separation. So is his girlfriend. While sadness looms for them, they also well with joy over his decision.

Derek is headed for Peru. He will serve there, working with the Quechua Indians in the southern part of the country.

I am very proud of him. I am very thankful for him. Please pray for Derek as he takes his place in that country, where he will make a difference for the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior!

I just saw him off, he is on his way back to you, Dan and Jolene!

uncle brent


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Brent and Deanna for taking care of Derek these couple of days! We are thankful to God for the man Derek is. It is difficult to let go, but Jolene and I are coping fairly well . . . We know he is in good hands and that God will continue to use him. We will surely miss seeing y'all this Christmas, but maybe we will be able to make another trip north soon!
Love, hugs and kisses,
Deer Park, TX

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord, please bless Derek with your shield of armor has he heads to Peru to carry out the mission you have entrusted in him. Keep him healthy and his travels safe. Let those whom he touches be revealed to Your glory! And, Lord, please bless Deanna with comfort, especially this time of year, when memories are treasured and saddness amounts. In Your name I pray these things. Amen

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an awesome blessing for all of you. We will most definately keep Derek in our prayers...go with God and be blessed, I know God will work mightily where you are going!!! What an awesome experience he will have. God is so good!!

It is always difficult to let go of loved ones...but God's hands are much more better than ours, and His plans are so much more infinite, and worth following. We are earthly parents, commanded to raise them up into Godly children, and that is what has been accomplished (in Derek and B.J.) and there comes a point where we must let go and let God, our Father, take over! It is difficult to surrender (as is all areas of life), but He is the BEST!! And His plans and love are so much better than ours praise God!!! God bless and keep you Derek, and fill your family with peace and faith, knowing you are in the capable hand of Jesus!

Praying in Pink~

Linda Anderson

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Ashley Reagan said...

Ah! That is so awesome! May the Lord bless his work there.


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