Thursday, July 05, 2007

The AweStar teams are about halfway through their respective trips. The teams post updates as often as they can at I thought I would put up the latest from both Peru, my parents are leading that trip, and India, Lauren and David Post are leading that one. Check out the website for pictures and more updates!! Please continue to keep the teams in your prayers...

Peru team, posted 7/3/2007:
"Yesterday we ministered here in Pacasmayo where we are staying. We went to schools, plazas and market places. The market corners and plazas are where most people gather. It´s amazing that they take the time to stop and watch our drama and then wait to talk with us. They are hungry for truth and we are seeing that over and over. Today we were in Tembladera which is a city surrounded by mountains. It was gorgeous. It was a quiet smaller town and the pastor and his wife there were very hospitable to us. We saw many lives stirred and touched. We pray for the follow up work of these new believers by the many church members that were in attendance. It is awesome to be in the presence of God´s majesty and serve as His hands and feet. For the past two nights we´ve had home cooked meals by a local Peruvian family. Everyone is eating well and thoroughly enjoying this time. Tomorrow we will minister in the Ciudad de Dios (City of God). Thank you for your continued prayers. We´ll write again when we have access. Deanna and Brent Higgins, CCs"

India team, posted 7/2/2007
"Stodrum, God Bless those that are reading this update. The past two days have been a whirlwind. We started yesterday morning at 6:00am and we did not stop until 1:00am Monday morning. The day started with us traveling for an hour and a half to a village called Salem. In this village we performed the drama at a Childrens Home. It is a Christian place so we were able to just love on them and play games with them. The two games the boys really liked to play was thumb wars and also a game called swords. Ask the students when they get home to play swords with you. After performing we went and had a snack and learned about the Home. A couple of the interesting facts are one, the home is not really for orphans, it is for children whos parents can not afford to keep them and two it is a rescue for girls. In the culture here if a family has three girls a lot of the families will pay someone to kill the third girl born. This society wants to have boys so they do not find any value to the girls, it is more expensive to have a girl. We then traveled to Chennai, the hottest place on earth. Along the way we stopped at a park to worship and while in the park we had a little girl come and stay around the team. As the team started singing this girl started trying to sing. Tiffany Hamm had a burden to tell this girl about Christ so in the middle of sharing we stopped and Tiffany presented the gospel to this girl. We do not know if she made a commitment to Christ but we know that the seed was planted. We will be in Chennai for the next week, sweating and ministering until we cant go on. We have many villages and schools along with tsunami victims and HIV patients. Today was a very interesting day for the students. It started in a school where we were able to perform the drama for high caste boys and girls and also to some muslim kids. We had to watch what we said as to not offend either one. We then went to a place called CMCT. This is a ministry that deals with mainly the poor, feeding, medical, schooling, and helping them learn how to make money for themselves. After a tour of some of the facilities and lunch we headed out to a Leprosy colony. This colony had many people affected with leprosy and no way to get food, clothing or really any of the necessities. Some of the people were believers but others still are looking to their hindu gods. These people were the most receptive to the drama thus far. On the funny side of things, we were told today that our bus drivers cant believe the amount of water we drink. They think we are drinking too much. Please continued to pray for the team, we have a long week and in high temperatures. Please pray for continued health. Pray for the follow-up work and those that will be doing the follow-up. Please pray that the team continues to see God on a daily basis. We covet your prayers. Lauren Higgins and David Post CCs"


At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the posts today from your parents and sister. Reading these posts just opens my eyes again.

At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey your post today was a real eye thanks alot.

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