Friday, July 20, 2007


It is interesting how the decisions we make each day can affect what we do and I am reminded of this nearly every morning as I drive my short drive to work. Little, I'm afraid to admit, can get me frustrated as quickly as a drive in the car to...anywhere or nowhere in particular.

This morning (cue violin) driving in on my long, four mile commute (and no interstate!) I found that the traffic in my lane, the left or "fast" lane was being held up by a driver having the audacity to drive the speed limit. The right lane of traffic was flashing by us as the driver blatantly refused to yeild to faster traffic behind him. I was finally able to move to the right and get around the offending vehicle, flashing angry eyes at him as I went by.

Wow, he almost cost me 30 seconds of my day. Of course, he passed by me a few minutes later, still holding up traffic behind him, as I waited to turn left. There was no reason that I had to be at work any earlier than my normal early. I tell people all the time that I learned how to deal with traffic years ago when I had to drive from the north side of Indy to the far-west side and that the secret was just to stay in the right lane and stick to the speed limit, yet I forget this lesson over and over and let the aggravation build over unimportant issues that have no eternal consequence.

It really works, at least under normal circumstances. Oh, I don't arrive as quickly maybe (though I often did), but I arrived stress-free most of the time, no anger at the perceived incompetence of those around me having generated an ugly mood to start the work day. I just made the decision each day that I was going to take it easy on my way, wherever I was going and stay right and within the speed limit.

Like most things, if I had worked it out in my head before I left there was no problem, I didn't miss the stress and elevated blood pressure of flying low, and I got there when I needed to. Stay to the right and within the law. What a novel idea....

Lord, we lift up the hurting this morning -- those dealing with challenges in their lives, marriages, jobs and hearts. I lift up my friends Lin and Bob who have lost a father and are facing so many other health issues in their lives. I lift up Whitney as she seeks your will for her future, short and long-term. It is amazing that we can come to you with a long list of petitions and you hear and know every one. We praise you for being the Lord of All and the King of Kings and we thank you for sacrificing your son so that we might live. We thank you for those who have given up their lives to see glory brought to you and to defend our freedom and liberty.

Lord, though there is no way we can be worthy, thank you for seeing us as worthy of your grace and love. May we make the small decisions each day that have a big impact on how we will live. In Jesus' name, Amen.



At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen...I view driving as a reflection of our Christian lives...I try to visualize how Christ would drive. He would yield to others and would rarely pass others. He would stay in the right lane. We are human, however, and lose our identity behind the wheel. We often fail to remember that God sees us in every movement and thought we have. Lord, help us remember that kindness to our brothers perpetuates act makes it easier for us to do another and can cause others to do the same.

Greenfield, Indiana

At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please keep me and my close friends and family in your prayers, we've suffered some awful attacks lately... gotta figure out how to stand tall through it and hold on to God.

At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was just randomly searching the web today to try to see if a cassette tape I had in High School had come out on CD. I could only remember two songs from it, so I Googled "In Jesus Name we Press On" and "You are There". Interestingly enough it only pulled up one item - your blog entry from September 13, 2005. I read the story about BJ and was greatly moved. I'm a believer and have gone on a couple of mission trips myself. Right now I'm stuck in the middle of a corn field in the smallest town on earth (Rensselaer, Indiana) because my husband is here on a project for two months (we travel with a consulting business). Both my husband and two-year-old daughter are sick in the bed today and I'm stuck in a Holiday Inn Express randomly searching the web. Needless to say, I wasn't having the best attitude. Then I "stumbled" on to your blog. Thank you for your encouraging words. I read your blog from yesterday (July 20th) and was especially rebuked. I have so much to be thankful for and I can make the decision to have a better attitude. I wanted to let you know that the Lord is still using BJ's testimony (and yours) in the lives of others.

Sincerely yours,

April Dunn
Greenville, SC
(Currently in a corn field!)


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