Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Each land the Lord allows me to enter teems with children. They routinely express joy in ways that is not often seen from their parents or other adults.

The little ones are very open and inquisitive. They do not assume a language barrier, and are not afraid to speak with you even if your command of their language is less than good.

One of the things I have often said of my own family is true elsewhere. The "children are the wealth" of those who are raising them.

Investing in their lives is extremely important to the foundation of who they will become as adults. Those who have parents who take time and are available to them are not without problems, but do seem to be well adjusted later in life.

I know I have talked about children on many occasions. There is no judgment in their hearts. We teach them that later. They come up to me routinely, a white bald man, with questions and laughter.

"Is it cold up on my head?" is one of the favorites. It is always asked with giggles from the pursuer and eruptions from like thinking friends with them.

"Can I feel your head?" is another one frequently asked. I have never seen a more contagious invasion than when permission is granted to one, and then many spontaneously show up to do likewise. Their glee is equally viral.

Having this audience comes with a responsibility.

On some occasions, I would invite one of my students to then share Jesus with them. On others, I would do so. Still others, were the end of our time with them, and we just laughed together.

Celebrating life with children who don't know you can be more intoxicating than many other things in this life.

They love without condition. They share openly. They laugh frequently. They do not judge. They are inquisitive. They celebrate similarities. They like to learn. They are not afraid to speak the three words of English they know.

Barriers that exist between many, fall hard and fast when children are allowed to participate. While their energy levels can be tiresome, their extensions of love and kindness are exhilarating.

These are among the many reasons, I believe, Jesus tells us that we need to "have the faith of a child," or that we need to come before Him like a children. When we do this, we do so with an openness we will not experience otherwise.

It is more desirable to interact with those who come with joy and lack judgment, than to be drug down the alley of decisive derision.

Sometimes, letting someone touch your life just because they will, can open the door to opportunity, and even forge new foundations for friendship.

"Come like a child."



At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brent & girls,

Please pray for Mooresville. This past Friday a student by the name of Justin Miller suddenly and unexpectedly hung himself. I cannot express to you the pain I have seen in other people and have experienced myself, even though I didn't know him. It has come as an utter shock to literally everyone because of how outgoing and free-spirited and loving he was. He was even involved in a youth band at a local church. But I'm sincerely asking you, and many others, to pray for his family and for Mooresville. There has been so much unity that has taken place already. A speaker came today, not just to speak to us, but to listen to us. He brought us all together, completely disregarding gender and race (not that Mooresville is that diverse) and appearance and just opened us up to each other. I'm telling you this because community is happening, and i'm praying it continues and that God is made known.

In Christ's selfless, healing love,

At 1:11 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hey guys,

I was just thinking of BJ and thought I would send you a quick note and tell you guys that I often think of you guys and BJ and wonder how everyone is doing. I hope to see you all sometime in the future. Elaine and I just celebrated our first year of marriage a couple of weeks ago. I am almost done with my masters and will soon start my Doctorate. Let me know how everyone is doing.

With love,

-Brett Floyd


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