Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That's BJ on the right of the picture on the left. Here he poses with friends Clyde and Brandon. He was just back from Peru the second time, in this picture.

Brent, Pastor Tito and Deanna are in the other picture.

This weekend, Awe Stars Missions Conference, which is called "iGo," will be held. Tonight, students and speakers will begin to arrive. The event doesn't start until Friday evening, but some are coming early.

One of those people is Pastor Tito Sevilla. He is the national pastor in Peru that BJ worked with for two summers. He is the Pastor that Deanna and I worked with Last summer. He has been described by some as the "Billy Graham of Peru."

He is one of the greatest communicator's I have worked with! His heart for the lost is incredible. His ability to share Christ with children and adults alike, is outstanding. He has planted churches all over Peru. He was a pastor of one for many years, but recently became a full time missionary in his own country!

BJ used to tease him. On more than one occassion, BJ witnessed to Tito. His intentional implication that Tito was "lost," and his lack of fear in doing so (in a joking manner), captured Tito's heart. He even spoke of this at BJ's Memorial Celebration.

BJ had a special bond with Tito's son Daniel. Though Beej was many years older, Daniel appreciated how BJ took notice of him, and reached out to include him at times of rest.

When Beej went home, Pastor Tito, his family and those who knew him in Peru went into mourning.

Tito's heart was broken. A familiar scene from his own family, replayed in his mind as he sought to cope with this loss.

His sons had both been hospitalized fighting respiratory issues. His older son David heard his little brother (Daniel) crying out. David who was the sicker of the two, was very concerned for his little brother.

Though David was gravely ill, his concern was not for himself. All of his attention was on Daniel, and making sure that he was going to be alright.

Daniel recovered.

David did not.

David went home to be with the Lord at an early age. He died from complications brought on by an asthma attack.

Understandably, Tito's heart was broken.

When BJ passed, he wanted to be there for us. The Lord saw fit to raise the necessary support. Tito took an overnight bus from his home in Trujillo to Lima. He caught a plane in Lima and made his way to Tulsa. He took an overnight bus from Tulsa to Indianapolis. In all, he traveled for more than two or three days to come to be with us...a man we had never met.

His humor, his charm, and his love for Christ are a model to me of what my walk should look like.

He arrives tonight, and I cannot wait to see him!

The bond we share runs very deep.

His ministry was multiplied immensely through his suffering. He took what could have turned his heart to bitterness, and allowed the Lord to use it for His glory!

"Walking through the valley of the shadow" does not have to mean the death of your dream or vision! Rather, it can provide a strengthened base upon which to stand. It can bring further clarification and direction. We must decide how we will respond, and allow the Lord to guide.

I love you Tito!

Papa de BeJota


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

I think there is a special bond between two parents who have seen a child enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I'm sure you will touch so many lives this weekend, as you always do. I continue to read daily, please keep posting. Your posts mean so much to so many!

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! It never ceases to amaze me how our heavenly Father sends his children our way. Always when needed. Thank you for writing.


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