Thursday, October 04, 2007

Whitney and Jared lead worship at my ordination service (with BJ's guitar).
This morning, I came out of one of the rooms of the house and immediately caught the wafting of a very pleasant aroma...Deanna's perfume.
I am amazed at how one smell can take me somewhere so quickly.
I think in the time we have been married she has used no more than three or four different perfumes. The latest was actually a gift from our friend Amy. She likes it so much, we have resupplied her a couple of times. It is an awesome fragrance. Initially, I confess, I thought of Amy when I smelled it. That didn't last long, as Deanna wore it daily, it quickly became who she is.
After one of the services this past week, my girls asked me if I had met the lady who smelled like Aunt Maralyn?! I didn't think I had. I was wrong. My nose just didn't pick it up for some reason (old and dying sensory cells?). Later, I had the opportunity to sit beside her for a moment or two, and picked up on it right away. It was amazing how much she not only smelled like her, but the similarities in how they carried themselves were curious.
I seem to have one of those bodies that absorbs cologne and renders it non-fragrant after a few minutes. Through the years, I have tried dozens of colognes. None more than once, I don't think. I mean I use the bottle, I just don't get it a second time.
I keep trying to find the one that lingers. The one that will stay with me, and cause others to know I am there, whether they see me or not. The closest I have come so far, is leaving clothes in the washer too long after the cycle is finished...going ahead and drying them, only to have them smell really sour and distinct on me later. I wonder why my body doesn't absorb that odor and kill it?
I remember what my mother smelled like when I was growing up. She used Chanel #?? I better not guess the number cause I really don't remember. I always wondered if they really had all those numbers. The only one I ever saw was the one my mom used.
After I moved out of the house, she changed perfumes (two unrelated incidents). I knew this, but failed to remember it one Christmas. I bought her Chanel #?? I could tell when she opened it that I had bought the wrong one. That is not a very good moment to remember that she had changed to an Elizabeth Taylor fragrance.
Anyway, we can all relate to knowing someone by the perfume/cologne they wear.
For years, my Uncle Ray wore one of the Aramis scents. He always smells so classy. I tried it body killed it.
I've pretty much given up on being remembered for my scent.
I know what the Word says...that "we are the aroma of Christ!" I think that One is better than the others. The problem is, it doesn't come in a bottle. It comes as a lifestyle of surrender. It's a fragrance that has a serious impact on others. You don't have to spend big bucks to get it, but it was expensive.
We killed his body to get it.


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brent it's totaly crazy that you wrote on this subject today (actually it's not crazy it's just the Holy Spirit.) Anyway the message that was shared at my youth group last night went along the same lines! We discussed the story where Jesus and his disciples were asked why they didn't wash their hand before they ate. Like i'm sure you know, Jesus told the people it didn't matter what goes in your mouth only what comes out.

Anyway God is totally calling for a cleansing of the people. A holy shower. It's a beautiful thought!

With love,

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

What beautiful writings this week. Chanel No.5 is the scent Mom used to have. Brother, your spiritual scent is so much more aromatic. God is sure using you in a mighty way these days. PRAISE HIM! Praying, Remembering, Loving You's all.


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