Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ice Cream break with Anabel, my contact, and the team!
I have butterflies in my stomach this morning.
I'm remembering back to the first day of school for my children, and feeling those old feelings. This time it is because Lauren is starting school...again.
The anxiousness today is because she has been hired as a teacher at the Goddard School in Owasso, Oklahoma! We are very proud of her and very excited! Today is her first day. She is full of enthusiasm!
My parents were both teachers. My Mom's mom (guess that makes her my maternal grandmother) was a college professor. So was her son, (my uncle). Some of my dads siblings were educators as well. They spent much of their lives as teachers, principals, etc.
Deanna is a teacher and loves her students (her new job, a provision from the Lord).
I guess being an educator is in our family's gene pool.
I never wanted to teach. I never thought I could. I didn't think I had the patience. I wanted the perk of having the summer off, but felt that it was unfair to pursue a career based on that alone.
As I look at my life now, I can see that teaching is a huge part of what I do. It is not that I aspired to it, or ever made a conscious choice to, but that is where the Lord has led. I can honestly say that there are few feelings of fulfillment that come over me, as when I am presented with the privilege of teaching students.
The cool thing is that when I teach, I get to talk about the things of God! My classroom is often on foreign soil and comprised of those who are hungry for His Word. They are interested in what I have to share.
I honestly don't know how teachers do it when the class has no interest in the topic they are bringing, and make it known through torturous means. I have such respect for them (the teachers)! They do not get paid nearly enough to endure all they must!
Now, I am very excited to see Lauren begin in this role. She will be incredible at this! She has so much to offer, and so much passion. She also knows how to communicate! I might just have to stow away in her lunch pail one day just to hang out and see how she does.
Our Savior carries the distinction of being the coolest teacher ever. His ability to turn a phrase and surprise a classroom was unequalled! His breadth of knowledge came directly from the mind of His Father! His method of using stories to make his point has set the tone for centuries.
We always seem to be able to understand things more clearly if a pertinent story that brings it all home for us, can be shared.
Ultimately, His very life as a teacher came to an end, because what He was teaching was unacceptable to the masses. Few teach this way. Few have the courage to go against public opinion, and allow themselves to be the sacrifice that drives home the very teaching they brought.
I revere those who do.
If we are listening, He has much to teach and share and show us still today. Let's be good students, and bring pleasure to our teacher!


At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teaching does in fact run in your family, as I know full well. You teach me something nearly every day! God has placed the unique ability in you to teach students in a way that they not only appreciate but crave your teaching as well. I hope very soon we can hang out and talk! I love you an d your family so much!
Following Him,

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lauren! Since our generation seems to have largely missed the call to teaching (directly) it is neat to see it picked up again.

Uncle Brad

At 12:27 AM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

I know another who "allowed himself to be the sacrifice that drove home the very teaching [he] brought."

And I'm sure he would be the first to loudly applaud this new blessing in his sister's life.

Lauren, I am proud of you for hanging in there through the good times and bad, for remaining unshaken, for showing us more about seeking His face and showing forth His glory. I love you and will pray for you and your students. And . . . don't let your dad stow away in your lunch pail any time soon, okay?

with tender love,
and prayers in pink,


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