Thursday, November 01, 2007

Keeper of the Sword, Joshua, testifies about his relationship with Christ and then is baptized by his father.

Many times have I spoken of the faith of a child, as written in the Word. It has tremendous power. It is an awesome example. It grows the body of Christ!

I have seen it so many times. A child will get involved in a church body, come to understand who Jesus is, surrender their life to Him, and something amazing happens!

It is amazing enough, the changes that take place in the young life that is transformed. But cooler still is how the Lord then reaches the parents of the child through the faith of the little one!

When hardened hearts see the brokenness and faith of their offspring, it has transforming power. It has this power, because the One who is "all powerful" is in it.

Further, the changed lives of children continue to impact the world around them.

Such is the case with Joshua (though his parents are strong in the Lord).

You may remember that he was the first to rise at BJ's Memorial Service, and move forward to "take BJ's place." He understood his decision. When his daddy questioned him about why he went forward, his articulation expressed not just knowledge, but passion for serving his King.

This past Sunday, he had the opportunity to act on that faith through baptism.

Joshua stepped to the microphone and shared that he had given his heart to Jesus, and that Christ's death washed away the sin in his life. He told how he believed in Jesus, and boldly proclaimed that he wanted to be "a disciple" for Him!

This is a young man the enemy battles against. I remember shortly after his birth, standing in the hospital beside his mother and father, and praying over him. He had a heart issue at birth that threatened to claim him at infancy.

The Lord guided the surgeon's hand and the issue was resolved.

His mother is working hard to train him in the ways of the Lord. His father is a worthy role model, and travels the world in 'child relief focused ministry.' He had two younger sisters that look up to him as their big brother.

There is a powerful anointing on his life, and we must support him through prayer. The Lord has significant plans for him. His life is an offering back to Christ. He is growing in Him each day. His desire is to be found obedient to the King.

In a corner of his room stands a sword, currently sheathed as he prepares for battle.

One day soon, he will with strong hand and firm heart, grasp that sword, unsheathe it and take his stand for his King. As he does, the words will echo..."I will lead, I will serve, I will fight. I will tell people about Christ. I will unsheathe my sword and stop playing only defense in this war. It's time to raise a revolution. God will give me the strength!" (BJ)

dad (uncle)


At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am one of the blessed parents of a child who found Christ and declared to be a follower and disciple for Christ. She has discipled us, her parents, as well as others. I was also blessed to be baptized with her at Ultimate Youth Camp and I must say, it truly was the most glorious day of my life. I wouldn't have even considered going to this church before BJ's Celebration of Life. Now, my life will never be the same. The Spirit that day worked a mighty work and gave me revelations of freedom that I hadn't realized! I went to pay condulances and was freed by the Spirit of the LIVING GOD!! Just loving Him!! BJ is still quietly and contagiously bringing others to follow Him. My child is one of the children that stood up at his Celebration and declared to take BJ's place sharing the gospel to the ends of the earth. At the age of 13, she felt called to missions. Her first comment after returning from her first mission, "10 days wasn't nearly long enough". WOW. At 13, away from anyone she knows, she felt it wasn't long enough! Glory be to God! You were so correct when you said that children can impact the world around them. Amen!

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Les and Kimberly said...

That was very moving and gave my body goosebumps. Thank you for that testimony of that little one!

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing! The work of God, and our yearningness to follow him are building, as more and more go him. May God be with all those out there in the mission field, all aroudn the world, and be with us here at home.
Praying for you, everyone, always.
Love, Leslie.


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