Friday, November 09, 2007

"Mom and Dad" in Mexico (she's holding "swords" under her arm and watching our team, minister...I am studying the Word to teach later that evening).

Yesterday I had the privilege of having an early morning breakfast with a friend from Indy. I cannot begin to tell you what an encouragement it is to have such surprises! Thank you Lord for friends and opportunities like this.

It brings joy, enthusiasm and anticipation to be able to share with one who knows you well, and who has been present to walk through dark shadows and shards of grace with you. There is something about one who is interested in you for you, and not for what has happened to you, or how you can bring benefit to their situation.

I count it gain to be able to listen to him and hear what the Lord is doing in his life. How things have changed, and how God is guiding.

We do not get many chances in life to have intimacy like this. Those who will look after your own when you are absent, those you can trust with your deepest yearnings.

Sometimes we don't miss what we don't have until we are reminded of what once was. I do not weep, cry or mope around as I say this. Rather, I am excited to be reminded of such deep and abiding friendships that are reminiscent of my very relationship with Christ.

These opportunities spur me on to pursue Him, as there are none truly like Him. There are representations in life of those who reflect Him, but none who can fill you like He does.

To spend a couple of hours with one who is sold out for Jesus and to hear how God lives and moves in his life, brings peace to a weary heart.

To be brought up to speed on things and people from the past is a celebration of the joy we have in Christ.

Those we have stood in the trenches with, those we have walked on foreign soil with for the Kingdoms sake, are ones who bless us without even a hint of knowledge they are doing so. They love us in spite of our failures. They love us simply because we are an expression of Him.

Who else will stand and protect your back with knees bent and swords drawn?

Many would shrink away for the sake of a better offer. Those who have journeyed through life with you have a deeper understanding of their own relationship with the One.

Encouragement is not always brought by easily. Sometimes it can only come as the Lord leads.

He does lead. He does provide. He does bring us those who would love us so, just in time!

I Praise Him today, for sending Himself in the form of my friend! What a precious Friend, indeed.



At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Brent and Deanna

It is still such a joy to read your posts. In our meeting the other day planning for the next year for our deacons, I brought up the possibility of you coming to share BJ's story, which is God's story, with our deacons and perhaps even with our congregation. Would you please email me at if you would be interested and what is involved?

Thanks so much. I am off today for an all-church family retreat so prayers for a blessed, uplifting weekend would be great.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no question that God puts relationships that are life-long soul-ship friendships, even when separated by miles, countries or heavenly realms. Those true friends that no matter how long the separation, the connection is ALWAYS there. It is truly a gift from God --- yet, another gift to glorify Him. God bless each of you as you build each other with a spiritual bond that is centered in Christ and powerful because of it!!

At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received ten fold brother!!!


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