Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BJ and grandpa.
I find it interesting in our lives how we tend to live them in shades of sepia and gray.
We have desires that run deep, which want very much to be found in the midst of all that God is doing. Somehow, we learn to squelch them and drift towards routines that have much to do with survival and little to do with changing the world for His glory.

Rereading that statement makes is sound like we can set out to do so, and get it done. What I mean is along the lines of what Romans 1 says, when it talks about 'living our lives in the obedience that comes from faith.'

I think we each make our attempts to do this. I also find it easy to give up sooner rather than later. When the odds begin to stack against us as the enemy begins to draw and enforce his battle lines, we have a tendency to retreat rather than engage.
How many times have I been confronted with the "fight or flight" response to a set of circumstances, where flight seems to overwhelm my desire to fight. I seem to be more apt to do what I must to get through, than to dig in my heels and confront head on, what is before me.
The result tends to look like too many believers today. We are so bogged down in the details of everyday life that we cannot see the incredible opportunities that are before us. There is much we can do, but little that we do do.
Matthew 12:30 says "he who does not gather with me scatters." That passage puts things too succinctly for most of us. We want to convey to others that we are involved in the "gathering." We want to believe that we really are. The truth is that most of us have receded into the fringe of any movement of God. We cannot pin down any "gathering" moments within the last day or week or month.
The lack of ferocity in our faith does more harm to His kingdom than we like to think. If we are not gathering we are scattering. If we are not drawing people to Him, we are driving them away.
That view finds us standing on a sharpened knife blade. We cannot remain where we are. We must either follow scripture and walk in the obedience that He calls us to, or our inactivity presents a picture of lackadaisical faith to unbelievers and they flee from anything that resembles our apparent view of Christianity. What they see lacks power and brings no motive for change.

Sometimes, that is what I see in my own reflection. I don't like it. I want to do something about it. As a matter of fact, a lost world is depending on me. Still, I rather enjoy fading into the background on any set, and just being present when things happen...good or bad. It gives me something to talk about, and lulls me into lethargic mediocrity.
Reading Scripture does not allow me such a disposition.
I need to be 'hot' or be spewed from His mouth (Rev. 3:15).
If we are not hot, then justifying the "apparent" level of 'heat' in our lives is wasted time. It does not draw others to Him, it drives them from His presence, and we get "spewed."
I don't like it, but that doesn't matter. That won't change anything. The world was not created around or for me. It exists to bring Him glory.
Becoming an active part in Christ comes about in small steps...daily decisions. Obedience is a constant pursuit.
"Hot" is not a justifiable state of mind. It is a position in Christ.
"Gather" is a verb. So is "scatter."
Verbs are action.
I have to look at what direction my "actions" are moving people. This happens in 'black and white.' Some would say, it happens in 'living color.' The fire of the Holy Spirit does not happen in sepia and gray, rather it consumes those shades. It is living and active! We don't get to "retouch" the photo essay of our existence to reflect our desires.
We are either for Him, or we are against Him.


At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Brent. Very well said. God Bless.

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what I choose -- and it is explained very well in your book. I choose the verb LOVE. First chapter. Love will always win.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

I got my book today and have read the first few chapters! I am loving every minute of it. Thanks for sharing your lives with us all!

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Hopeful Pediatric Oncology Nurse said...

I have also gotten my book. I am all ready deep into it. And learning more than I ever imagined. And that leads me up to what I am about to say. Because of circumstances... which I am not sure of what... I have decided to engage myself in more than I coudl probably handle by myself. That is why I need God in my life.
I've decided to really change myself. BJ kinda put a challenge to us all, to be more Christ like and live for God. And that's what I want to do. I've been waiting for this day, and I just didn't know it. I want to read my Bible waaay more, follow God every minute, every second of my day, and be in his presence contiously. I think BJ put that challenge to me. I'm going to do it, and I need your prayers. You may not know me, and I'm only learning about you, but somehow... praying for each other when you don't know that person sounds better than praying for someone you do know.
As BJ has said, Love is a verb. I agree. And somehow, I'm going to use it that way.
Thank you so much for taking the time in writing "I Would Die For You". It has been blessed by God, and it is teaching me so much.
Thank you. I will be continuing to pray for you and your family.
Love in Christ, Leslie.

At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed that.
Also, the picture is precious.

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

Praying for you, Leslie.

Many of us have been likewise challenged and changed by BJ's life, words and story.

We're praying for many, many more!

Thank you, Brent, for your transparency before him. He honors that and I know is honoring you as you continue giving him all the glory.

praying in pink
with tender love,



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