Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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What role does passion play in our faith?
I am a passionate person. Many times I find myself expressing extreme joy or significant displeasure about things that don't have a great deal to do with Christ. I think it is healthy to experience passionate feelings about life, as we were created as such.
When I think back over my life to this point, I can easily see things that have been very important to me, that become very important to others, through my own demonstration of passion.
When I am enthusiastic about something, others take notice. Even if initially, that something is not something they are excited about, over a period of time wonder enters their mind for the subject. They begin to think, "why would he be so hyped up about this, if there isn't something to it?"

I can think of many examples where my enthusiasm brought a time pursuit into the life of friends or acquaintances who became curious.
Passion is a strong motivator. The people in life that are passionate about something, move me. The Lord has laid a dream in my own heart that is something I would never personally pursue. The dream goes against my nature. However, since the time he revealed it to me (kind of like a brief video clip from the future that plays in a loop) any time I see other people fulfilling something in their own life that they are passionate about, I get incredibly moved.

God made us passionate, and caused something within us to be stroked by passion in others so that we would one day use it for Him and His glory.
Our problem is often that we get all caught up in the wrong things. It's very easy to do. We each seek happiness in our lives. When we find something (could be someone) that elicits feelings of joy and enthusiasm, we quickly grasp it, if we have any interest in it at all.
Sometimes this is to our own detriment. We invest so fully, that we exclude the things of God from our lives that we are on this earth for in the first place. We can't bring Him glory if we are bringing it to ourselves.

Where passion resides, so must discipline and understanding. We each have to process the things we get enthusiastic over, to assure that what we are rushing into, is going to honor our Father.

Jesus was passionate. It is evident in His Word. Paul was passionate. He had a lust for the flesh of Christians until Christ got a hold on his heart. Then he had a passion to take Christ to those who did not know Him.

People filled with the passion make a difference in this world. This can be for good or for evil. The issue at hand is whether or not we are going to follow those who point us to Christ, or those who lead us into "fun" where honoring God is not part of the equation.

Charismatic leaders have led many people to lies and tragedy...Jonestown, Koresh at Waco, 9/11, etc.
My passion needs to remain focused and directed on the Lord Jesus Christ. If it doesn't, others will suffer and so will I. If my passion reflects the Savior, others will suffer and so will I, but for the glory of God.
Those who pursue passion from a worldly perspective chase after an elusive, empty myth that will never bring satisfaction for longer than a moment.
Those who pursue Christ live Life. Being around them makes you want to get into His presence and worship Him.


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