Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mary and BJ.

I want to take a moment to update those of you who are interested in our schedule. If not, feel free to jump past this part.

May 8th WGRC Radio Interview at 11:00am ET, Philadelphia, Pa. (heard in 14 countries)
May 17th Ridgefield Christian School Graduation, Jonesboro, Ark.
May 18th Central Baptist, Jonesboro, Ark.
May 28th Tuscola Christian Church, Tuscola, Ill.
May 30th Fox 59 Live TV Interview, 8:12 am, Indpls., In.
May 31st Barnes and Noble book signing, 2pm, Clearwater Crossing, Indpls., In.
June 1st Northside Baptist Church, 11 am, Indpls., In.
June 2nd a gathering in the Cincinnati, Oh area
June 16th - July 25th Summer Missions (sending teams to Chile, North Africa, Panama, Peru, and South Asia)

I'll post late summer and fall engagements, later.

We are so blessed to live in the USA. We have advantages that we take for granted. We are fortunate in many many ways. We also have quirks.

We have noticed a significant difference in weather coverage on tv, from Indiana to Oklahoma. We have tornadoes in both states. I know they are more frequent in Oklahoma. I know that because from late April to who knows when, it is a weekly occurrence to have tornado watches and warnings.

Last night, as severe weather bore down on Tulsa and the surrounding area, our home became the proud recipient of friends from second story apts., and other unsafe places (like flooded streets).

We don't mind this at all. Whenever severe weather hits (every other day) I can count on my lovely wife to start her comedy routine. You see, she gets frustrated that the tv stations in our area preempt all other programming for things like thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Her sarcasm has never been finer than when she catches a commercial break report of impending severe weather. That is all she needs to hear, to begin her routine. If the fine weather men and women of our area could hear her voice, they would get nothing done, save being doubled over with laughter. Severe weather transports Deanna from her home to an "Evening at the Improv." I crack up, listening to her.

Last night, she had a new audience, and she was in fine form.

It isn't that we don't take severe weather seriously, it's the hours on end of coverage the local media provide to the exclusion of all else. Deanna is not a fan.

I have begun to notice that each time a new person hears her routine, we get reeducated on the "why's" of this madness.

Soberingly, years ago, an F-5 tornado leveled a nearby town. There was severe destruction and loss of life. An entire town had to be rebuilt. I do not make light of that. I have lived through several tornadoes, and their awesome power strikes fear in most who view them.

The result of that experience has left it's mark on Central and Eastern Oklahoma. The news will always preempt other programming to make sure the maximum number of viewers can be warned.

This stands in stark contrast to the usual reaction in our country. When major disasters hit (like 9-11) we begin to hear mention of God, prayer, and even the Name of Jesus, from time to time. To hear this on our national media outlets is unusual. You can always tell the ones who feel awkward saying such things.

Many of us find it to be music to our ears. Finally, our country which was founded on Christian principles, is returning to its roots...or so it seems for at least 5 minutes.

It never lasts. We don't stay focused on the Main thing...Jesus. Our networks won't allow it. Only in times of crisis can such things be mentioned. When things return to normal, we return to acting like all things good are a result of our own actions.

Gone is the mention of God or any thoughts of the impact He may have had.

We are blessed to live in a country where we can laugh and make funny about things we don't agree with. We are privileged to have so many resources at our fingertips. Our opportunities to be educated are excellent.

Isn't it interesting that as a nation, the more educated we become, the more growth we experience, the greater the resources we have, the less we believe.

The Lord foresaw our folly. It is why He told us we must come with the faith of a child.

I think we all need to be a little more childlike in our approach to life.

Sometimes, it begins by making fun of the network news.



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