Wednesday, June 11, 2008

just signing...

Mockingbirds and roosters set out to proclaim the break of morning. I have noticed however, that they begin before the dawn has awakened.

How is it then that we say they are announcers of the day? Why do they get this acclaim if they do not do it well? If they begin early, how does that improve their disposition? What good is it to us?

Perhaps their fame has falsely arisen. Perhaps we misinterpreted the circumstances. Was it one day that the first shaft of light had broken, that one awaking from their slumber heard such a proclamation and began the rumor of who was responsible?

These who seem to have much to crow about do go on so. Sometimes sleep cannot be your acquaintance because of all they have to say.

I believe the loud voices from the aviary were never meant to tell of the first glimmer of light. I believe they are simply doing what they were created to do. They do it very well.

We in our fullness of self, assign meaning and designate falsely who they are trying to be. We have missed it again.

How often do those around us carry on in their giftedness, and we through a jealous lens and our own broken dreams, cast shards of glass and blisterous barbs their direction for having the audacity to be good at what they do?

Sometimes a mockingbird is doing nothing more than expressing the full extent of his vocabulary. He has much to say.

We arbitrarily assign a name and blame for his speaking ill of others.

Our view is not always accurate.

Sometimes, a rooster crows because he knows the rocks will cry out if he does not.

His desire is not to proclaim that morning has broken, rather that his Creator is worthy of praise at all times, day or night...and that we should begin to clue in to what we were created to do.

Many of us will simply roll over, pull the pillow over our heads and try to return to the land of nod. Our concluding arguments will be about our intended hopes of peril for the one who continues doing what he was created to do...and we will accomplish nothing for Him who created us.



At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Brent and Deanna,

Here in Mexico we often experience the outdoor sounds, whether we choose to or not, since all windows and doors are open almost all the time.

It seems that most of the time during worship services or Bible studies, an abundance of noises begin--like a jack hammer right outside the front of the church building. Or the man selling something, and yelling out his invitation for folks to purchase his goods. Or the motorcycle revving its motor next door. Or several dogs barking, apparently in lengthy conversation with each other.

Following one noisy service time, I mentioned it to a church member, and his response was, "Don't you think that maybe the creation is just celebrating its creator???"
Maybe they were worshipping along with us...

Hmm, perhaps. So at any rate, I was reminded to worship with all my heart, and allow others to do the same, whether I found it convenient, or not. I have also been reminded that my worship is not dependent upon whether or not distractions exist--they will always exist!

See ya one of these days,



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