Friday, June 13, 2008

Very soon, I will be back in their land. I am excited!!!

Today is my last day in the office. Monday we receive our leaders for the summer and train them for their respective roles. Enthusiasm is growing.

We spend next week in training and then leave Friday morning early, for Dallas to receive and train the rest of our teams. We actually fly to our summer destinations on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 24th and 25th. We will return to the USA on July 23rd.

Much has gone into the preparations for this year. We have seen the enemy ramp up attacks. This is not a surprise. Our Father God remains in control, and we do rest in that.

Some of our students have struggled more this year to raise support than I have seen in the past. Again, He is still in control, and we are believing in His provision. One of you brought significant joy to our offices and to the hearts of three students yesterday! A dear woman from the northeast, sent a large check that has had a great impact on two young ladies and one young man!

Your gift is making provision for students heading to Chile and North Africa! Thank you so much! It was such a surprise and blessing to hear from you!

I am returning to Peru with 22 this year. I will be without my precious wife and partner this time. We made plans for her to be home to assist one of our daughters this summer. I will miss her a great deal. This is a long time to be apart.

It is my hope that Deanna and Brad will write here from time to time. I know you enjoy hearing from them, and they do have signficant insights from their own lives!

Lauren is doing well in her work, but it will not allow her to return to the overseas mission field this summer. She will, however, remain engaged in this one.

Whitney is off from nursing school for the summer and is working as a nurse in an animal hospital in Denton, Texas.

Two young ladies were on both of BJ's Peru teams. They are both on this Peru team this summer and are serving as leaders. I am very excited to be serving with them.

We will be in Huaraz, Huamachuco, Pacasmayo, Trujillo, and a few other places this summer. The first two are mountain top villages, and I am very excited to be there. They are new places for me.

I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this team! They have set the pace for all of our teams in the responsibilities of getting their paperwork and funds in. The interesting thing is that they are the youngest team we are sending out this summer!

One of the young men that poured into BJ his first year with Awe Star is on a solo journey in Peru right now. He is a gifted photographer and is trekking many of the high mountains for three months over his summer break. We will meet up with him during our time there, and he will likely assist us in translating for a few days.

We also are sending a team to Chile that will work in Ovalle and Santiago. Another team will be in North Africa (not the same country we served in two summers ago) and will have many opportunities to share the Gospel in the land of Ishmael's descendants. Our final 30 day team will be in South Asia, also in a strongly non-Christian environment.

When we return from these countries we will train and send out our final summer team to Panama. They will be there for 10 days. While I am in Peru, I also have two additional 10 day teams heading to Peru and Panama to serve for shorter periods. They are both church groups from Oklahoma and Missouri.

Please pray for these teams this summer. We really need your prayer support and encouragement more than anything else!

You can follow these trips through updates at Click on "Trip Updates," and then go to the country update of your choice. Those of you who have followed us in the past will find a different look. You will be able to post comments this year as we have moved to a blogger format. Feel free to leave comments anytime you wish! The pictures will be present here for you to look through as well.

God Bless each of you! I pray you have a wonderful summer filled with Divine opportunities to share Jesus with those you encounter! Walk in faithfulness and obedience, and bring Glory to Him!

I will be in touch from time to time through my family. I love and appreciate each of you for the significant support you have provided.

Serving the King beside you,



At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know.. I read the book your family wrote. I love how you still have this site up.
You know BJ done it, he has inspired me so much.

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am currently reading I Would Die For You and I have never seen soo much passion for God in my life! BJ's life is truly very inspiring. I plan to look into the AweStar missions for next summer. I already have a mission this summer and it will be my first and definately not my last. So thank you for this inspiration.
God Bless.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

One of the hallmarks of this blog family is that we support one another in prayer.

This summer, I will be sending out brief weekly prayer newsletters on behalf of the Awe Star teams, including the one Brent is leading in Peru. If you would like to receive these and join your prayers with ours, please write me with your name and e-mail address and I will add you to our list.

Thank you, blog family, for your gracious giving in this and so many ways--

praying in pink
with tender love,

Marti Pieper
Director of Prayer and Publication, Awe Star Ministries

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still praying for you and your family. Will also pray for these missiong trips going on and that God does some powerful work there.
Praying in Kentucky,


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