Friday, July 18, 2008

Brent (and others, but mostly Brent) have taken around 20 pages of pictures (I know, he's a maniac - isn't it wonderful?) that are up on the Awestar website. To see them (I apologize, I can't figure out how to copy and paste, but I'm sure you'll start seeing pictures on this website soon...) Again, go to, click on trip updates, click on Peru, you can read the update and to see the pictures, click on picture pages and that allows you to scroll through the pages. We also have teams in Chile, North Africa, South Asia and Panama.

Brent's post from today from the Awe Star website:

Rewarding Journey
July 18th, 2008

Our Father in Heaven is surely pleased with the obedience and effort of the student missionaries on this 2008 Peru team! They have spent significant time in His Word both studying it and hiding it in their hearts. They are beginning to walk in new ways as they see Him as the only worthy pursuit. Many have shed old habits that tend to die hard in the States.

Some are concerned about their return home, that family and friends may try to force them into old molds, that no longer fit who they are in Christ. They have been on a journey with Him and seen His demonstration of power through their lives in ways that previously were far less tangible. Many of this team burn with a passion for Christ that they have not experienced in the past. They have learned to share their faith at the earliest opening, and want to come home walking this new obedience out.

It is crucial at this time that we partner together in lifting up this team…that we receive them as men and women of God, and not as the boys and girls some of them were when they left. God has done an amazing work. We must seek not to undue it, by placing too low of expectations on them when they return. We also must support and encourage them without sarcasm that resides in the arsenal of many. Most of them have become adults, if they were not already. That does not make them perfect anymore than any of us are.

They have a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus, and they long to fulfill His call on their lives. We can do much to assist them. Please begin preparing your hearts now to hear with eager anticipation all that the Lord has done that has remained unwritten on this site.

They will have stories complete with how God used them to bring many people to Christ! They will seek an audience willing to be encouraged by this. They care less about the sites they have seen and more about the people who know Jesus as a result of their opportunity. They want to see the believers in the USA excited about Jesus and about sharing Him with others.

Body of Christ, this will not occur without significant preparation of our own hearts.

I have seen over and over families who shut down their student when the fire is burning within. I have been the father who would not listen to his son who wanted to tell more and more about what Jesus did on his team. Please do not follow my example. Please be ready to receive your adult family member with a heart that longs for Him and not the passions of the world.

They have learned to serve, and long to be His servants upon their return. Please pray and allow them to share the long version of every story.

Today the team is in Veru, Peru all day, sharing the Gospel with the people of that city. It is around an hour from Trujillo. They are most anxious to see Christ exalted in this city. They are carrying His name to the lost and hungry.

Last evening, they had an incredible spaghetti dinner at Pastor Tito´s house. This has been one of the favorite meals of the team. Most went back for seconds and ate well until full!

After a good nights rest, they were ready early for a long day of incredible ministry opportunities. I am proud of this team and the way they have responded to the many challenges and spiritual battles they have experienced. It is not finished yet, and they are hungry to continue as long as the Lord keeps the doors open.

Please pray for continued health, for the Strength of the Lord to reside within each of them, for team unity, and for endurance to run the race to the finish without distraction! Thank you so much for allowing your loved one to experience this journey. It has had a deep impact on them, and they are most willing to share that with you, soon!

Gloria a Dios!

Kristen Lockwood and Brent Higgins, CC`s.


At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll have to go the website and check out some of those pictures. I'll definitely be praying for the team as they finish up their time in Peru and prepare for the task of returning home. Like you said, that's always the hardest part. It's so great to see how much God changes students on these trips. Reading that brings back a lot of good memories of the things God did over there. Makes me wish I could sneak into the debriefing (were it not so far away of course!) to see how excited they all are when they get back and hear all the good stories of what God did. Love you guys, and I'll do my best to keep lifting you up in prayer.

-Michael Elmore


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