Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pastor Tito and I "communicating"

Deanna and I will be interviewed live on WAFG radio (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla) tonight from 8-9pm, CT. Anyone interested in listening in can go to their website, and click on the "listen live" button. This radio station is an arm of Coral Ridge Ministries.

I thought I would post our upcoming schedule for those who are faithful in praying for us.

August 14 Radio Interview Live, WAFG Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 8-9pm CT
August 23 Sweet Water Baptist Church Youth Rally, Neosho, Mo
September 7 Riverview Baptist Church, Bixby, Ok
September 13-14 Woodlands Community Church Youth Revival, Houston, Tx
September 17 Radio Interview Live, WBCL Ft. Wayne, In. 8:30-9am, CT
September 30 Okalahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Ok
October 1 "Rain Down" 62 church youth gathering, Douglas, Ga
October 12 GracePointe Church, Denton, Tx
October 25 Whitney's wedding
November 7-9 "iGo" Missions Conference, hosted by Parkview Baptist, Tulsa, Ok

My laptop is only a few months old and I am very thankful to have it. However, it came with a character flaw.

I can be typing along doing just fine and will suddenly realize that the cursor has jumped and inserted itself somewhere it is not supposed to be. What I have been typing with great clarity and tremendous humor suddenly won't make any sense at all. (I think I can blame a great deal on this issue).

If I am typing with proper technique, I catch it immidiately. You know, if you watch the screen while you type, you tend to notice these things.

However, if you type like I do (sometimes), where you start watching your fingers fly and get entranced at the sheer speed and flawless grace with which you move about the keyboard, never hitting the wrong letter (right!) having a jumping cursor can reduce you to a pile of humiliated frustration with an attitude problem.

Especially, on this blog page. The worst is when I am writing and suddenly my cursor has jumped into my picture code. It is impossilbe to tell where it left home and went rogue. You see, picture code on a blog site has 6 to 8 lines of code. Letters, symbols, numbers etc. that make absolutley no sense to the uneducated in computer languages (like me).

I have wondered what would happen if I just ignored this problem and posted it as it comes matter what. Then I realized I have probably done that frequently and that even if I haven't, I will claim that I have, cause it can be used to explain a really had hair in that picture, but the computer malfunctioned and that is just how it turned out...and oh, if you had read what was in my head instead of what ended up on the page, you would have been greatly moved, promise.

Whether or not I am inadvertently doing something to cause the cursor to jump I honestly don't know. I don't think I just happens.

At any rate, (and you were waiting for the tie in) I seem to have the same problem in my head that I do on my computer. I don't have a cursor in my head, but I do have this problem with my train of thought arbitrarily leaping to where it isn't supposed to be.

I will be mid sentence in a serious conversation, and will suddenly and completely lose not only where I was headed, but also where I came from.

I have been trying to figure out if I can blame this on Dell or not, but so far, I find that I am not that creative.

Before you think it, this is not because I am old. I have had this problem as long as I can remember.

I find that I, like most humans, am easily distracted. Things I'd like to be able to blame on Dell or Mac or even God, are really my own issues. I spend too much time thinking on things that do not come from above. Ultimately, this ends in distractions that are somewhat predictable.

If I would keep my mind on the things of the Lord, His Word, His character, His precepts, His Glory, His will, I would have far fewer distractions enter my field of vision.

I know I am not the only user to log on to a computer with a jumping cursor.

It takes work. It takes discipline. It requires that I seek Him and not my own desires. Selfishness is destroying families across our nation.

Sooo, I am gonna go ahead and publish this knowing that I have work to do. Someday I may get a computer with a cursor that functions properly. Until then, I will "take every thought captive" and surrender it to Him.



At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with focusing sometimes--especially when I'm praying or doing my devotions. But I know God is working in me, and everytime I ask Him for help, He's always there. He has NEVER failed me, and I know He won't. He won't fail you or your family either.
I have never met you or your family before, but I've been reading "I Would Die For You" and it has really challenged me in my own spiritual life. I feel that if I would've have known BJ that I would've liked him right away. My mother bought about 8 copies of the book so far to give to various people. It has really touched my family. I just wanted to let you all know that BJ's message (and the story of his life and death) is still being spread and touching and challenging people in places near and far.

Courtney from Indiana

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've had that problem on my laptop before. i've realized that it was my fault that the cursor was moving. while you're typing on a laptop sometimes your fingers (usually your thumb because it's near the space bar) hit the black square that is used to move your cursor. this places the cursor back wherever you had it before you were typing. maybe that's not the case for you but it has been for me.

but that makes me see another side to your just goes to show you that sometimes that distraction is my fault, even when i don't think that it is. i surround myself with false cushions that make me feel good about where i am spiritually. this causes me to not think it's me that is distracting me from the things of the Lord. but in reality, it is and you're right, it takes hard work and discipline and being SELFLESS to focus on the Lord and keep that focus.

thank-you for the encouragement and good luck with typing :)


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