Monday, September 15, 2008

my love

I noticed something while I was running this weekend. I have noticed it before, but not in quite the same way.

I have established a 1.8 mile loop through my neighborhood (when I run) and it passes many homes, a church, and multiple businesses.

On this particular day, Hurricane Ike was due in at any time. It had made landfall in Houston much earlier, and we were anticipating its remnants. I was surprised at the number of people that were out and about.

Growing up in Indiana, I had seen this scenario play out many times. Though, it was always for anticipated, heavy snowfalls, there. People were out in significant numbers trying to get errands taken care of before the impending weather was unleashed.

On this particular day, it captured my attention because I was running multiple loops, so I passed these businesses several times. I noticed that there are two liquor stores and a bar on my circuit.

The time of day was from mid morning to just after noon. The clouds were gathering and darkening the midday sky. These three businesses were outdoing all others around them. There was significant traffic loading and unloading consistently, with each pass.

People of all (adult) ages were going in and coming out, in the most significant numbers I have seen at these places. Traffic was backing up to turn in to them.

In all fairness, this probably had more to do with upcoming football games on television, than anything else. Still it made me wonder.

What is it that we turn to when difficulty is coming? When promised bad weather is about to descend in any form and it carries with it a significant enough fury that damage is certain, what is on our minds? What will help us cope?

When the events of life turn ugly and are unrelated to weather, where do we turn?

I was struck by some of the defiant attitudes of people (on tv) in the hurricanes path, who were hanging out at a beachfront bar. They were flippant in their reflection of what was coming and their own safety.

It seems to me that what we turn to in times of crisis, says a great deal about who we are and what is important to us.

Are we running to that which will numb our senses and allow us to "feel" less? Are we accepting the reality of our situation, and pursuing Him and bringing Him glory?

Where we turn and how we respond in a time of crisis reflects directly on our relationship with Him.

If we turn to that which will bring us numbed pleasure in conceivably our most difficult moments, then the world has a serious grip on us.

What is most important in our lives? It is clearly revealed in times like these.



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