Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Baptizing a new believer, in Peru

One of my greatest joys in life, at this piont, is seeing believers whose passion for Christ suddenly begins to develop and their enthusiasm spills in any and every direction.

This comes about through any number of means. Usually and encounter with the Lord in some capacity, whether through the faith of a friend freely shared, the life of a hero in the faith, conviction through a message, or even simple obedience on a mission trip.

When I see their exhuberance, I get excited. Joy in Christ is contagious!

Being involved with them at this point is amazing, because they just want to be found obedient. Suddenly a lump of clay that may have been on the wheel for a long time, becomes pliable, moldable, teachable.

They quickly put to use the instruction that is given. They don't sit on information that can change lives, they go out and do something with it!

For most of us, when we get excited about something, those around us are often moved by our enthusiasm, and stirred to action. It may be a new car, a new outfit, or new furniture but the point is, when we show interest and pursuit of something we find intoxicating, others take notice. Then they begin to get involved on some level.

If that thing that we are enthused about is Jesus, some will be turned off, but some will realize a dormant interest with abiding unanswered questions, and they will begin to move about the perimeter of the issue until they feel safe enough to ask.

Our responsibility is to be joyful in Christ, and looking for those people hanging around the perimeter with a question mark on their forehead. We cannot accomplish much if we our routine conversations do not include references to our relationship with Him.

I'm not talking about overbearing, holier than thou, types of conversation. I am talking about intentional references to our faith and the relationship we have that has changed our lives.

Anything we are excited about will stir our inner circle of friends. It becomes a topic of conversation whether we are around or not. If then, they get excited, their inner circle gets to moving, and on and on. We know this as the ripple effect.

For a ripple effect to begin, someone has to be willing to make a splash in the water.

Who among us is willing?

There is a commercial out right now that makes my point. Several young men are hanging out at an outdoor basketball court, apparently at a break between games. One young man strips off his shirt, and runs to the edge of the court and jumps. In mid air he forms his body to and inverted canonball (some call it a watermelon).

The first time I saw this, I thought..."he's gonna break his neck on the concrete, and die!"

It was an illusion. It wasn't a basketball court (though it looks like it), it was a pool! He enters the water with a splash, and all of his friend follow!

Someone has to be willing to go where no one else seems to want to, and make a splash.

Who is willing?

It's time to get wet.



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