Friday, October 03, 2008

Whitney and BJ, just a few years ago...

What an amazing week it has been.

Getting to spend time at Oklahoma Baptist University and sharing with many students there was just incredible. The presence and Spirit of the Lord is thriving among them and I am thankful to have had an evening there.

Then the past couple of days in Southern Georgia was very unique. The pastors there from many denominations have been meeting and praying for many years. They have been seeking and asking the Lord to "Send the Rain" in the form of Revival.

Over 70 different churches from multiple races and denominations met together for several days to worship the Lord and seek Him in hopes of this revival. The adults met in one venue and the students met in another.

The student numbers for their event ranged from 250 to 350 from Sunday to Tuesday night. For some reason, the Lord saw fit on Wednesday night (BJ's birthday) to have 700 people or more present when it was my turn to share. It was a standing room only crowd, and they were incredibly attentive!

To have that many students together under one roof who love the Lord and are willing to lay down denominational boundaries and just seek Jesus was amazing!

God moved among them. At the conclusion of the evening, students flooded the altar area. Some came to give their lives to Christ, others to came confessing sin and seeking counsel for truly living for Christ. These students want to "Raise a Revolution, and know that God will give them the strength!

What an incredible blessing on BJ's birthday!!!

Before the service began, I got alone with the Lord in an upper room. As I sought Him, I also worked my way, tearfully, through a poor rendition of Happy Birthday.

I don't know what the view is like back to our broken lives from the other side, but I know there had to be celebrations afoot among those who have preceded us home.

We can all learn a great deal from Coffee County Georgia. We can embrace our brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter their church preference (as long as Jesus is the only way to Salvation). We can learn to work together, love together, worship together, and see Him reap a harvest together.

It is truly worth it. It isn't easy, but it is what our Lord would have us do!

I praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for His provision of such a mercy in my life on this particular day.

Our God is amazing, and... HE REIGNS!!!


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No doubt the praises, tears and victories from the 700 students were a much sweeter version of "happy birthday" than he could have heard here in any event!


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