Monday, January 05, 2009

Barbara Ann and Meagann (from BJ's last trip), with Lauren at a recent wedding

Well, the travel and fun is finished for now. I guess I should say that I am 'back in the saddle,' since my lovely wife bought be cowboy boots for Christmas. Yes, I have lived here for nearly three years, and up to now, have not owned a pair. Now I get to walk around a couple of inches taller because of boots. It's interesting the minute perspective changes that accompany these pointy shoes.

Anyway, here we are in 2009. I can hardly believe it!

The coroner pronounced last rights on Lauren's '94 Mazda. Actually, it still works, just needs more money poured into it than she is willing to part with. So over the last few days, we have been searching for a new car...well, new to her.

Tonight, we are scheduled to go pick up her 2005 Toyota Corolla. Anybody wanna buy a well worn '94 Mazda MX-3?

It was wonderful to be away with family to get recharged! Deanna and I had a great time in Texas with our girls and new son-in-Law. We also spent a couple of days with his family. What a blessing to come together with other believers with no particular agenda.

Jared (Whitney's husband), Ross (his father) and I took target practice with their hunting bows. I can profess to you that I have never before held a hunting bow in my hands. When I worked at the camp, I shot the old fashioned bows that we used in the archery range, but this was nothing like that.

Archery has come a long way since William Tell parted the seeds of an apple atop his sons head. Bow science has made quantum leaps since Robin Hood was the bane of the Sheriff of Nottingham's existence. Indian's would likely have held onto the West had they had this technology.

As a first timer with a compound bow, I was amazed at it's accuracy. As one draws back on these flexors of arrows and peers through the tiny bead woven into the draw string, it is hard to believe that anyone came up with this idea.

At first glance, I thought the bead was decorative. I had no idea it was useful for zeroing in on a target. I could not even shoot these bows with my fingers, as the Indians did. I had to strap on a trigger mechanism that held the drawstring (under high pressure), in place, so I did not inadvertently shoot someone in the process of loading an arrow.

As I drew a bead on the target, and tried to relax my breathing, I checked the bubble on the built in 'level,' just under the siting mechanism, to make sure I was properly aiming. Then I let the arrow fly!

Arrow after arrow was hurled toward the target. The technology on these weapons has improved so much that I was able to keep most all of my arrows in a fairly tight pattern! Tight enough to be competitive with my teachers.

I couldn't help but wonder if Elisha would have reacted differently to King Jehoash in 2 Kings 13, if the king had this modern technology. It is easy to be distracted by incredible engineering!

These bows are so advanced that you can take a rookie in the sport, who has never held a compound bow, let alone shoot one and watch him hit the target at 35 yards nearly every time. I was impressed...not with myself, but with how well engineered the bows are.

Before handling them, I was convinced it would take months of practice and learning to even be able to hit the target. Not so!

Many times, those who hunger for a life changing relationship with the Lord are found in a similar place. They think it impossible to live a life that would be pleasing to Christ, since they are so set in their current ways.

What they do not understand, is that He comes in and makes the changes through your surrender and obedience. It is a completely different way of viewing the problem. One they struggle to understand and believe. It is our role to teach them and to show them what living for Christ is all about!

The "weapon" is the Word of God. The "technology" is the Holy Spirit! When we embrace them, we show others how to hit the target as they surrender their lives to Him!

The amazing thing is that the "technology" is always more advanced than new believers initially comprehend. He is never 'out of date' weeks after purchase, like so many things in our world, today. He is always fresh, new and up to date!

Let's make 2009 a year completely surrendered to Him for His glory!!!



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God Bless,
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Thank you again, for much needed encouragement. Your words are truly a blessing!


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