Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When they were young...

I think back to when my children were young, and am so blessed at how much they trusted Deanna and me. Their love had no conditions. Their joy was filled with passion and wonder! Each of them was so very different from the other two.

To this day, there are memories that we carry about their individual personalities. Some of their attributes were like their mother, and others like me...and with some, they weren't like either of us. It was amazing to watch them grow and experience life...some things for the first time, and others for the second and beyond.

Even now, the things they are doing and accomplishing, bring us joy and excitement.

Lauren just spent time recording in the studio again, and now has six original songs on cd. She is playing a concert at Oklahoma State University, Thursday night at an event called "Amplify."

Whitney and Jared are buying their first home. They began the closing process yesterday (after multiple delays), and are enthused about having their own place.

New things happening all the time it seems!

Watching your children grow up is certainly bittersweet. Knowing they are prepared to handle things in life brings peace. Seeing them remain close to their Savior and serve Him is just incredible.

Somewhere along the way, if we do it right, we teach our children to place the same trust they have in us, in their Heavenly Father. That happens at different stages and different ages for people.

Being able to be part of that process with your own children is an honor, a privilege and a humbling experience! To see the manifest presence of God come into the life of your child, is just huge! Laying down your preconceived notions about how old, they need to be, or what they must know, etc, and just sharing with them is crucial.

The natural curiosity in children will cause some to ask many questions, which is a good thing. Others will ask them later, but it is still good that they ask.

This past Sunday, in one of the families from our church, a young girl and her mother spoke about this relationship with Jesus! It proved to be both intense and rewarding.

The mother wrote me the following message. This occurred sometime after the Sunday morning service reflected upon, yesterday. I am changing the name of the little girl, but wanted you to catch a glimpse of how this came about.

Thank you Brent for your part in Tasha's salvation. :) God used you to speak to me yesterday in many ways! One of them was about child-like faith. I have been agonizing about when Tasha was "ready" to get saved. Through you and the Holy Spirit's guidance, I realized that it wasn't up to me to determine when she is really ready and what that magical age should be...while I can guide her and help her to understand, it is ultimately up to her and God. Although she may not understand all the theology and "religion" I have tied it to it, she wanted to be obedient to the Holy Spirit's call. Her little heart was pounding so hard last night it was practically jumping through her shirt and she was begging me to pray with her. She was desperate for Jesus...she doesn't know everything, but she knew she loved Him, needed Him and wanted Him as her Savior right then. I pray that I will be that desperate for Him. Thank you so much for your message yesterday.

I want to be that desperate for Jesus too! I want to be that much in need of seeking and serving Him. He teaches us in His word to come to Him with the faith of a child. He even tells us that we won't enter the Kingdom of Heaven if we don't!

I saw this change take place in the lives of my children. I am so incredibly grateful for their trust in Jesus!

Time spent pouring into the life of a child is never wasted. Time spent coming before Him with the heart and attitude of a child isn't wasted either!

Thank you Jesus, for saving Tasha! Thank you for giving her parents who love and serve you, and celebrate what you have done! Thank you for allowing them to be part of such a special landmark time in their daughters life!

I Praise God!



At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my, I think that picture was taken at Chris and Marla's wedding. That sure brings back great memories.
Aunt Maralyn

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Pray for BJ said...

You are right! 1991 I think, at Redstone Castle

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

oh...what great family memories... i just loved having your girleez in my wedding...and i remember the morning after the girls came into our room to visit us...we came out the door and you and bj were on the stairs...he was very enthralled with the stairs and kept wanting to go up...and then down them... you were just hanging with him letting him explore!!! what a great example of patient, loving, guidance...ready to catch him if he tumbled...but allowing him to discover things as well. lets have a family reunion again!!!!
sending hugs!!


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