Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The only form of reincarnation that I believe in is our rebirth into the the Heavenly Kingdom with Christ our Saviour once we slip from our lives here.

I do recall a time when some friends and I discussed what it might be like to live several different lives, which only seemed interesting if you could remember at least certain aspects of your previous ones in order to appreciate the differences. This discussion came while we were on vacation and lamenting the meager state of our finances and the limitations that placed on our experience.

Through such a process, with each life being substantially different than the last and some undefined ability to contrast and compare, we might eventually learn to truly appreciate the nuances of life; to understand the value of everything we take for granted in the day-to-day of our existence.After several centuries of living we might just begin to grasp the breadth and depth of the complexity of God who has gifted us with life in the first place.

Fortunately, we are not required to traverse this learning curve to get to know Christ; he reveals himself through his Word and through his creation. No matter how long we were to live in whatever form(s), we could never come to fully comprehend him. Better that we can live the one life we are gifted with and move into his presence for eternity, wherein we can bask in his wisdom and glory forever. At times this life can seem too long a time to wait as it is!

A quick update: Brent is now in Panama with a group until July 31st so please keep the team in your prayers as they minister there. Deanna is spending some time with Whitney and Jared in Texas until Brent returns with the team. After debreifing, they will head home to Tulsa. I got to see Lauren for a brief visit this weekend when she stopped in on her way home to Oklahoma after a whirlwind trip to the Michigan/Canadian border for a friend's wedding. Oh to be young and be able to drive through the night again!



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