Monday, November 30, 2009

Our family at Thanksgiving!!!

We had a great Thanksgiving. Some brought the flu with them, and were sick over our holidays, but that did not dampen our spirits or time together! What a blessing!

I leave for Venezuela on Tuesday, December 1 and will be there until the 9th.

I am amazed at how our Lord uses us in spite of ourselves. He stretches us beyond our own comfort, and uses our obedience to speak into the lives of others.

I am a homebody. I would prefer not to travel. I like being at home, and doing outdoor stuff. Cavorting around the globe was never on my personal "bucket list."

I am very comfortable in my own space. I like being comfortable. I like not having to meet the expectations of anyone but me. Then, when I fall short, I only disappoint myself.

Being an approval junkie, makes this extra difficult. I want to please those in my life. It affects the way I think, process, make decisions, even write. I want to be liked by others. I don't much like the fact that I like this.

I have learned through the years, that I will disappoint others, regardless of my choices. I will not always please everyone. I groan within when I realize I have let others down, especially those closest to me.

I strive to make choices that please my Lord, and then have to trust that others will understand, whether or not they agree. I am not always successful. Sometimes, I fail my Savior.

This trip to Venezuela, is to coordinate contacts and scheduling for a summer team I will send back in the summer. I am going with three other men. I have spent time with one of these men. He is my pastor. The other two, I have shared a round table discussion with for about an hour.

I do not know exactly what to expect. I am thankful these men have all been there before. They know the contacts and the lay of the land. I wish Deanna was going. I would rather not make these trips without her.

I will be making day trips with a man I really don't know. He is older and wiser than me. We will travel to several cities to meet with local pastors. That should make this a low pressure situation. I am usually the one shouldering the pressure. It will be a nice change to allow someone else to be in charge of most aspects of my life. I hope I can surrender them to him.

I like things the way I like them. I like people to like things the way I like them. I have a feeling I need to learn to like things the way he likes them.

I am not sure I am ready for that, but will try.

One thing I do enjoy about travel this time of year, is seeing how other countries prepare for, advertise and celebrate Christmas. I was in Peru with Brad and Walker two years ago, around this time. The volume of ads is far fewer, but their approach interesting.

During this season when we are supposed to be focusing on our Savior, His birth, and the incredible gift He is, it will be good for me to have to let go of the things I like and submit to someone else. It's good practice for how I am supposed to live my life for Christ, each day.

Somehow, its easier to submit to God than man. Men are silly. God is not. Men do dumb things for no apparent reason. God has a purpose in all He does. I'd rather submit to God. I have to practice being a good follower, and submit to man.

It will be good for me. I know we will have a blessed time together. I know we will stretch each other. I trust, we can have impact for His kingdom. After all, that is what this is all about.

Nothing else really matters. Bringing glory to God is our goal. Bringing honor to Him in how we serve and love Him and one another, is the point of living. I should be able to live for nine days, right?

I sure hope so, because if I can't do it for nine days, then why should I expect others to do serve under my leadership?

If you can't follow well, you won't lead well.

I am going to be a good follower... of Jesus!!!



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God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

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