Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deanna and her partner Kenny in Mexico, last week

We had an incredible week in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. We saw a couple hundred people surrender their lives to Christ!

The Lord had us focus while there, on His Holiness. The result was that many students were broken before Him and were in a place to hear His voice like never before. He spoke plainly to many, and their responsiveness was huge.

There are so many stories to share.

I confess, this trip was harder for me to make than the others. The primary reason was inside info. I knew the CIA was telling people this border city was the single most dangerous place on earth at the time we went. I found that hard to believe, having been there so many times before. I needed the Lord to give me peace.

He had done so a month or so ago, but after a day or so there, hearing of the murder of two US citizens leaving a children's birthday party, about undid me.

I knew that since the Lord had called us, the safest place on earth was in the center of His will... Nuevo Laredo. I also knew I was ready to give my life. The difficulty I had was the thought of potentially having to leave a student behind.
I didn't think I could handle that.

I had to trust in Him completely. The enemy fought hard to disrupt our ministry. Overall, he was ineffective. God moved in such power, and the students lives were changed!

I am so proud of the 36 parents who let their children go! The drug wars kept the media focused on border towns. We did have five who signed up who did not end up going... some because of potential danger. I do understand this.

However, there is such power in the testimony of those who were faithful in the face of fear.

A team of 41 headed to Nuevo Laredo and were in the center of His will. We broke into two teams and ministered all over the city. We shared Jesus in youth detention centers, drug/alcohol rehab centers, migrant centers (for those deported from the US), poor communities, flea markets, churches, plazas and more.

Certainly we have been there with smaller teams that reaped a greater harvest, but I have never seen the Lord move in a team the way He did this one.

The face of Nuevo Laredo has changed. The bloodshed there has resulted in streets that are empty by 9:00pm. It used to be that the city would party until late at night. Now, the presence of the army, the federales and even bike riding, flack jacket clad policemen are everywhere.

One can see the faces of people fall, when these men roll into a neighborhood. They have learned that these men are moving targets, and that their presence sometimes brings unrequested violence to their area. The other issue striking fear into the people of border towns, is that the drug cartels are dressing identical to the federales and the army, at times. This act instills fear and confusion.

Corrupt traffic police are taking full advantage of the situation by stopping more cars and insisting on bribes to not commandeer private vehicles.

Our teams traveled in caravans of two vans each. My caravan was stopped by a traffic policeman who insisted upon taking our van, and the identification of the driver. Our translator, berated him and told him he was the reason so few American would visit the city. When our translator threatened to call a government official, the policeman let the van go.

With all of these things going on, it is no surprise that many ministry teams from across the US have canceled their plans to minister there.

However, those who know they are called, and follow in obedience, will walk in the power of the Lord. Their testimonies will speak powerfully of how the Lord is moving. Souls are won for His Name and by His Spirit. The lives of student and adult alike are changed because they have learned to walk with Him in times of fear.

It was not easy, but it increased my faith. There were tense moments, but my God has all authority over every border guard, drug lord, corrupt cop, federale, and He makes a way where there seems to be none.

Praise God for His provision! Praise God for the faithful who went, the faithful who let them go, and the faithful who prayed!



At 10:15 AM, Blogger Matthew Pritchett said...

It truly is inspiring to others when fellow believers take steps of faith in to perilous circumstances. It helps show others that circumstances do not affect the Lord's will, they only bring Him more glory. Love you guys, and so proud of each and everyone of the students!

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your faithfulness to do God's will!

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

thanks brent....we are getting ready to leave on August 3rd... and have been struggling with the same exact issues..
you spoke words and emotions directly from my heart...

please keep us in prayer...we had a 2 cancel...but all the other students and parents feel passionate about going...

we are moving forward...and trusting!
love you guys so much...sending big hugs

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Kailla Nikolle said...

Thank you for your precious faith... God is using you in more ways then you'll ever know. I was praying hard in faith for you all that week and I'm sooo grateful for how He Answered your prayers.

Blessings... Joshua 1:9.


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