Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deanna, the Wild Blackberry Picker (and baker), extraordinaire...

Last year when I was in Africa, and traveled through Kenya and Uganda, I had an encounter with a young woman whose situation has moved me deeply.

I was actually preparing to fly home, and as I was waiting for my flight in the Entebbe airport, a young woman struck up a conversation with me.

Her name is Emily. She is from Australia. She was 23 at the time, and today she turns 25.

As we traded questions, she learned of our journey, and I learned of hers. I gave her a copy of our book, and she was moved by BJ's story.

Her story is one of radical obedience as well!

At 23 (now 25), she is running an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda! She oversees an entire staff and meets the needs of the parent-less of that area! I struggled to fathom the responsibility she carried! So many depending on her for so much! I was overwhelmed.

When God is in control of your life, your age does not matter! He can accomplish great things through you! He has huge plans for you, and is interceding for you... even now!

For those like BJ and Emily, who recognize this, they walk in His power, and strike awe into those of us who had to learn this at a much older age.

I often wonder how different our world would be if each believer, embraced the opportunities the Lord set before them.

I am inspired by passion! I am moved by the passion of those who get it early, and live it, daily!

They are the true movers and shakers for a mighty God! They refuse to accept traditional wisdom about when they are allowed to make a difference. They embrace the gifting the Lord has given them, and pour it all out at His feet! They are not waiting to get into His heavenly presence to do so, they are doing it now, everyday, and changing lives by their obedience!!!

I love that! I am stirred at their passion! I weep at their understanding! I hunger to see more of us, regardless of age, do likewise.

The eternity of a lost world can be changed by a few willing witnesses.

What would happen, if there were more than a few?

Those who learn to deny themselves for His glory, will usher in the King of kings!

I don't want to be caught on the sidelines!



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Love and miss you.


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