Friday, June 25, 2010

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What an incredible week or two it's been!!! God has been preparing the hearts of students and leaders for an incredible journey on the mission field!

I have been working with both to help them be ready to serve. They have all just arrived in their country of ministry, and are anxious to get started! Some are on the road or in the air as I write, heading from airport to ministry cities!

As I've said before, if one could measure the warfare from the enemy as an indicator of the magnitude of the Glory that will be brought to our Savior, then incredible things are coming for Him, this summer!!! He is such a mighty God! These teams fight FROM His victory!!!

You can follow their journeys by visiting and clicking on the "trip updates" bar. Please join me in lifting them up over the course of the summer.

Deanna and I continue to be humbled at how many students surrender to GO as a result of the work God does in their hearts, through reading, I Would Die for You. We serve an amazing Savior.

It will be very different for me this year, as I work in the office, rather than being on the field all summer. I will take a team to Panama in late July for 10 days, but this feels a bit strange. However, I know I need the rest, and am thankful for it.

There is just nothing like watching the love of Christ become the life of students. Nothing else compares to it. Being completely surrendered allows us to see Him work in incredible ways.

Far too many of us live mediocre Christian lives with the expectation that He should greatly bless our meager existence. No question, He does bless, but those blessings are often to encourage us to sink more deeply into His life, not to answer our presumptive expectations.

He is worthy of total surrender.

The significance of life in Him is seen in far greater ways for those who leave all else for Him.

If our knuckles are to be discolored, let it be from battling for Him, not sickening white from a tight grip on the world.



At 9:54 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

I am praying and eagerly awaiting the reports from the teams to see what God is doing as they go for Him this summer.


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