Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lauren ministers in Peru!

The gauge for deciphering our impact on the world (for Christ) is not ours in the end. So why do I spend so much time contemplating this?

Because it is far too easy to see the opposite. One does not need to know how deep the impact for Christ (as He measures this) to be able to see how desolate the landscape becomes when we choose, as believers, to pursue our own course, and drag His Name into potential squalor.

Seeing the youngest team we've sent to the mission field this summer, have such a deep impact on the Peruvian culture is something I get very excited about!

Yes my oldest daughter is leading the team, and yes she is leading that team inside the borders of the land her brother contracted a fatal disease in.

Both have brought glory to their Savior!

BJ didn't have to look far to see the positive influence of his sisters', in terms of being Christlike. He honored and cherished them. He protected them both physically and in conversation. He saw in them what they did not always see in themselves.

Lauren's now being in this same country, would thrill BJ beyond words.

When he returned from Peru the last time, he told Lauren she was to go with him to Africa, to the Muslim nation, to minister. She did. She then helped lead a team to India, and now Peru.

She has also engaged the youth of our church and I have seen her develop into an incredible minister for Christ! Her heart has been broken for them. She prays for them, pours herself into them, teaches them, and desires to see the Lord break through to them.

What she longs for them to become, she is seeing the students on her Peru team explode into! Two of the students from her work at the church, are on the field with her.

I am thrilled to see through the flaws that we each have, to the blessing we can become to the heart of our Father, when we surrender ourselves completely before Him!

Scripture says, "and a child shall lead them."

There are many of our children on the field this summer, and they are leading by example... the life we are called to live. One where we speak with passion about our Savior at every opportunity! What they learn to do on the field, will carry through in many of their lives, when they return home.

Sadly, many will not understand their passion or fervor. Some will not want to be around them. And these I speak of, are believers.

They shy away from those who are close to the flame of His fire, because of their own poor decision making.

Should we as believers, live our lives as sold out vessels everyday, then the stories these will return with, would not sound so unbelievable.

For us to glorify our Savior, we must engage. For us to drag Him into squalor, we need do nothing. For when we do nothing, the enemy prevails, and our testimony remains unspoken and powerless.

Thank you Lauren, for being willing to die. Being willing to die to self, glorifies the Lord!



At 1:49 PM, Blogger gilbert said...

Brent - thank you for this post - I want to be like these young warriors and pour myself out for His glory - I'm not too old to learn from these young ones.

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH, how I wish I could take back the moments I wasted on my children...teaching them to say "thank you" and "please," teaching them to clean up after themselves and chew with their mouths closed; yet NEVER teaching them about Christ, nor about serving our Lord. Now I am wiser, now they are older, and though they serve Him now, what a waste our earlier years were. Humbly you talk about your children, yet you and your wife also enabled them, by pouring yourselves into them. Never forget, you've been used mightly, too!


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